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Leaving the high of participating in the Nefesh b’Nefesh JBlogger Convention, albeit cyberspace-illy, still behooves us to continue to try to make an impact on world events, beginning perhaps with local events (who was it who said, “think globally, act locally”?)

In perusing some of the many blogs whose authors I was familiar with or had just met in the conference chat room, I came across this piece about Senator Obama (about whom I’ve written before, here, here and here) by Daled Amos.

As I’ve said previously, there is more than meets the eye behind the charismatic facade (for some--not for all) of Mr. Barak Hussein Obama, beyond the flip-flop he committed at the AIPAC conference this past June.

This video hints just a little more about the hidden Obama; or do most Americans only care about the rhetoric?

Hey, why be so serious after all? Isn't it a little like, say, the State Fair? Or Disneyland? Or Hollywood? Let's just play the game and have a grand old time (just put yourself in the picture. . .)


DYS said…
LL, notice that the anti-Obama video doesn't show Obama speaking. It doesn't even quote him, or even paraphrase him! It only shows someone from the Arab community talking about him. So he went to a fundraiser. Big deal! If you're a politician you look to all your constituents.

Now has he ever made any statements that play both sides of an issue? Of course! So has McCain. So has Bush. There is no politician who's managed to be elected without doing that.

But at the same time that this guy is saying Obama went to a fundraiser for Palestinian kids, he also had very close ties to the Jewish community in Chicago which gave him plenty of support. Do you think they were misguided?

And he's always shown strong support for Israel, well before he became a senator, let alone before he was running for president.

Finally, it's offensive when people who oppose him deliberately use his middle name. They use it to insinuate that there's something vaguely Muslim about him. You should argue on the issues, not insinuation.
DYS said…
And what's so terrible about attending a fundraiser for Palestinian kids? Yes, it's the fault of their own leaders that they're in refugee camps, but that doesn't mean that the kids there don't need food and education. And it doesn't mean that the fundraiser had any link to terrorists.
I agree with dys...
Whats wrong with going to a Palestinian function?
They're his constituents and they're also people last time I checked.
Its this small minded knee jerk frum reaction to Barack "Hussein" Obama that makes me want to vote for him more and more....
Lady-Light said…
dys & David-on-the-Lake: Thank you for your comments; I am all for discourse, and honored (sort of) that you, dys, published my post on your blog, even if it was to disagree—fair and square: we who opine for one side or another need to learn to ‘take the heat,’ right? That means us, you and I.

I dont’ know if you actually went to the links of my previous 3 posts on Senator Obama-did you? They help explain why I am not planning on voting for him at this time. Please read my other posts first, if you haven’t already. They shed more light on this issue.
Now, to answer some of your points, not in any order:
1) Is the Chicago Jewish community misguided? Possibly. I know that one Chicago Rabbi who supports him is a peace-now Reform Rabbi, and is thus opposed to my point of view (and vice versa). Yes, they may be misguided. In time we might learn more, and my distrust of Mr. Obama might be proven wrong, but that is not the case to date.

2) I have used his full name, Barak Hussein Obama, because that is his name. Period. He has seemingly tried not to call attention to this, and never uses it. Why is that? If he has nothing to be ashamed of, why not use his Muslim middle name, for one thing? And it is nothing else but an Arab name, plain and simple.
Why has he not fully disclosed his upbringing (even in his autobiography, statements about his childhood and father were contested by others)? Islam and his being raised a Muslim is not mentioned. He is not forthcoming about his religion before 1988, when he supposedly 'converted' to Christianity. And why does that matter?
Do I care whether a Black, a Christian, Mormon or Muslim is elected to the Presidency? Only as much as it affects his integrity & decisions on domestic & foreign American matters, and decisions which affect Israel and its future. That means I am neither partial to nor prejudiced against anyone because of their religion, race or ethnic background - but if they have affiliations with those who are my enemies, it gives me pause. Islam is not known for loving Israel or the Jews. In addition, Obama's connections with known anti-Western and anti-Israel elements (I'll write about this a little in my next post)worry me.

3) What's wrong with attending a fundraiser for Palestinian kids? Nothing, until the spokesman talks about “Israel occupying the West Bank.” That is 180 degrees opposed to my hashkafa, and indicates to me that he (Obama) is affiliating with Arabs who are Israel’s enemies.

My view is that the so-called “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria - miles from the Jordan river; how far does it have to be and still be called by that name? It’s a name made-up by the Arabs for propaganda purposes) was land captured by Israel as a victor in a defensive war (why do I find myself constantly repeating myself), and would even have been within its rights as a victor in a war it didn't start to transfer the population into an Arab country and annex the territories, which I believe they should have done. Personally, as the Arabs have friends around the globe and Israel almost doesn’t have a friend in the world, Mr. Obama could have shown his understanding and support by attending a fundraising event for Israeli children who have been maimed and traumatized by terrorist attacks, in addition to one for Palestinian children.
But all we have heard from him is words, flip-flops, and no concrete action to show his support of Israel.

David, you call my distrust of Obama a "small-minded & knee-jerk reaction?" I don't think so. I am not 'reacting' to his childhood religion: I am facing it, and I am concerned that he is hiding it from the public. I am not 'reacting' to his name: I am facing it, and I am concerned that he is hiding it from the public. I am concerned about his affiliations with supporters of Hezbollah and with those who spout anti-Israel rhetoric.

But I have a good idea, David - why don't you just knee-jerk react to my opinion, and vote for him out of spite. Great idea, and so intelligent.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you TO, about Obama, he is very Charismatic, while being slick too. His wife is a militant Marxist, and the FFL Media is keeping her way out of sight. I worry about all the Jews in the US that are being taken in by him..it is hard to believe this is even happening.
Daled Amos said…
The issue about Obama should center on his flip-flopping on his statement to AIPAC in the context of his changing course on other political issues.

Obama has taken the same approach with terrorist-associated Khalidi as he has taken with another friend: terrorist Bill Ayers--in both cases he pooh-poohed his association, saying that yes he knew them, when in point of fact his relationship was much closer.

The LA Times had a piece showing that they were close friends.

When Obama answered a question in public saying:

You mentioned Rashid Khalidi, who is a professor at Columbia. I do know him because he talked at the University of Chicago and he is Palestinian, and I do know him and I have had conversations.

he is being dishonest and evasive.

Let's not get stuck on which fundraisers he attends--there are bigger issues.

BTW, how many JEWISH fundraisers can you name that Obama attended at that same time in Chicago?
Lady-Light said…
anon: I don't know about Michelle Obama being a militant Marxist, but she certainly is outspoken with very controversial remarks ('the first time she was proud of her country' was, when...?)
And with the DNC in progress in Denver, she is certainly the last thing from "out of sight." She is out, front and center, and they (the delegates and attendees) seem to be loving her. Charisma, charisma, charisma.
But in essence I tend to agree with your comment.
Daled Amot: (oops, I meant 'Amos.')I wrote about Obama's flip-flopping previously (see the two links in my post). You reiterated my point in my comment: did he ever attend a fundraiser for Israeli victims of Arab terrorism? Or as you say, any Jewish fundraiser at all?
It feels as if Obama is hedging his bets until he gets into office; then we will see who the real Obama turns out to be. I don't like surprises which involve Israel's future.
I appreciate your visit.
Bar Kochba said…
I think the whole 'secret Muslim' thing is hooey. However, I find Obama naive an inexperienced. Sit down and talk with Iran? The only good that will come out of it is an earful of anti-semitic rants.

PS Would you blogroll my new blog- the Truth about Moshiach. Its dedicated to fighting the spiritual genocide affecting our people. Check it out.
ilanadavita said…
Anon: I don't think you know what a militant Marxist is; left-wing is not necessarily synonymous with Marxist.
I have no particular sympathy or antipathy for Michelle Obama (I don't vote in the US) but at least let's get the facts right.
Lady-Light said…
bar kochba: I am not necessarily saying that Obama is a 'secret Muslim.' I am saying that he is not forthright about his past and he is really chummy with virulent anti-West and anti-Israel Muslims; in Islam, btw, once a Muslim always a Muslim. Let me check out your new website (I already link your blog For Zion's Sake).
ilanadavita: Yes, 'militant Marxist' is a bit strong, but she is extremely liberal; not the best thing when one is confronted with a religion and culture which wants to take over the whole world...
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