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Israel is Israel (click for "The Isaiah Plan")

As per my previous post stating that I have no energy to write, I am basically pointing my finger to the blog on the Israel National News (called "Arutz Sheva" or 'channel seven' in Hebrew) website by Tamar Yonah (click on the title link to read the article) and saying, "yes, that is exactly my view. Right on!"

I just don't have the energy to write about it myself right now: too much to do, too little time. . .

It's ok, read about it there. Since to date, Israel is not going about it's affairs in the direction I want it to go to achieve "The Isaiah Plan," I am sure that I'll have plenty of opportunity to write about it later.

I hope I'm wrong.

Present (and past) Imperfect. . .

For reasons which I choose not to discuss at this time, words fail me; my energy is sapped. My needs have to be mollified by the infantile use of food in place of love and a hot shower for warmth. I feel my life-force ebbing away.

There is no energy to write, let alone to get out of bed in the morning. I could get away with the latter before I started work, but now, I can't. I need every penny.

The project ends in December, if I actually make it through, as we are constantly reviewed and if "red flagged" multiple times could be eliminated.

This is a very interesting, telling scene. Because of NDA agreements I can't go into detail, but suffice it to say that with the requirements of at least a Bachelor's degree and passing an 'entrance exam' in English (failure in the latter disqualifying us for consideration), we are all of us underpaid in an assembly-line-type situation.

I am in good company, though:

Together with double-Master's degreed professionals, a…

Light instead of Darkness

First of all I want to thank all my readers (especially my son-in-law, who relates to me as a son) who commented and emailed me with empathy and support. Those comments and the care went a long way to improving my matzav ruach. As someone said, I hit a 'rough patch' and I shouldn't give up. I will not.

Just a quick note before Shabbat, as I didn't want to leave my blog sitting there with such a gloomy post (see, sometimes husbands are right: when he read it he told me I shouldn't have posted it...but only sometimes!)

I am so happy that my older son is engaged to marry a wonderful girl whom the whole family (all his siblings) love (just like my younger son's wife!). I am so looking forward to returning to Israel in the spring for the wedding, but again, it's going to be a family oriented trip, and not a sightseeing one.

One of my readers said that we should emphasize the positive, and she is right; dwelling on the negative never helps, and only clouds the whole…

Down Under, After. . .

I am 'down under' (but not in Australia) after the chagim. I can't shake this depression. I should be happy: my older son, not to be outdone by his younger brother, got engaged right after yom tov to the girl he has been seeing since shortly before Purim. We met her and her family while we were in Israel for my younger son's wedding, and we like her and her family. This means we will be going to Israel maybe this spring for another family wedding. I am so happy for him.

So why am I so down?

First of all, it's our finances. Basically, we don't have any. We can't afford the flights back to Israel, let alone pay for the wedding. We are having trouble paying out bills, including the loan we took out for our younger son's wedding.

One of my kids doesn't want to talk to me (don't even ask).

Then, it's my weight. It is causing other physical problems, including hypertension, etc. But I just don't have the cheshek to bring it down; don't have …

Baby K'tan - The Best Baby Carrier Ever!

(Subtitle: Shameless Plug-click on the title link to find out why!)
Because of the chag I have not had the time nor the energy to blog. For this post, however, I making an effort on erev Shmini Atzeret, because of the wonderful product my eldest daughter has created (together with her business partner) - after viewing the video, go the home page and learn more about it - and the cutest video my middlest daughter created while she is visiting us and which she added to the website (can you guess which model she is?).

After searching and searching for a 'baby wearing' product which had all the features she was looking for, and not finding a single carrier out there encompassing all of them, my eldest daughter and her partner designed an innovative, brand-new Baby Carrier, and they named it the Baby K'tanBaby Carrier.

I have seen it in action (holding my two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter) and as far as I am concerned, Baby K'tanis the absolute BEST BABY CARRIER on the mar…