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Finally: The 8 - Ball Meme...and the 7- Random/Weird-Things-About-Me-Meme, and, uh. . .

I was tagged twice, by Miriam and Norma. Problem is, they each tagged me for a different meme. First, was Miriam: I was tagged by her for the Eight-Ball Meme; then , more recently, Norma tagged me for the Seven-Random-or-Weird-Things -About-Me-meme.
Oy. What's a blogger to do??! Hey, here's a brilliant idea: how about combining the two! (This is either brilliant, or totally insane.)

Okay, let's go for it: I will start with the 8 - Ball questions, and underneath each 8-ball response, I will add one (1) Weird Thing answer. Does that make sense? Never mind - here goes:

For the 7 Random/Weird Things, I have to:
-first post the rules on my blog.
-Share the 7 things about me on my blog.
-Tag 7 random people at the end of the post, and link them on my post.
-Let each of the 7 know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
(Again, because I'm combining them, you'll see the 8-Ball meme first, with (as I said above) the random/weird one at the end of each 8-Ball…

Hijab for Jewish Women?

Someone used this phrase in a comment on a post about the hijab wearing Jewish women in Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef: "modern Hareidi community;" this is an oxymoron.
Just for the record, I rarely agree with a Hareidi interpretation of anything. This mode of dress is just a bad interpretation of a good concept (tzniyut) taken to extremes.

Personally, I cover my hair because I feel it increases my humility by remembering that there is a G-d above me (not because of the reason of less attraction to men).
I chose many years ago to do so; but I have come to believe a woman can be Orthodox without covering her hair all the time; just while in shul, and where it shows respect for the Torah, such as at shiurim, or where it is the preferred mode of dress, such as at yeshiva dinners and the like. But to go to the grocery? Not necessarily.

I think the whole message of tzniyut is lost in those hijab cases: where will they go next? Hiding in the home and not going out? Sitting behind a curtain…