Some Recent Israeli Accomplishments in her 67 Years: Independence Day 2015

An update to Waze which might nip kidnappings in the bud, a possible cure for Alzheimer's, and water management methods California surely can use - just to mention three, on the occasion of Israel's 67th Independence Day celebrations: Lighting the (Independence Day) Torch of the Future of the World. (What a country; what a people!)
Dr. Marta Weinstock-Rosin who invented the memory-improving drug Exelon speaks up about a possible future without Alzheimer's. A short excerpt about Dr. Weinstock-Rosin, below.
 In many ways, Exelon, and its inventor, paved new paths in Israeli medicine, and Israeli society. Weinstock-Rosin, who is Orthodox, was born in Vienna and fled with her family to Britain in 1939, narrowly escaping from the Nazis. She came to Israel with her family in 1969, and became a professor at Hebrew University in 1981. In 1983, she became head of the Pharmacology department at the Hebrew University (now part of the Institute for Drug Research) in the Faculty of Medicine.

 Read the Times of Israel article here.

And remember that Israeli traffic and navigation app called Waze, developed in 2008 and bought by Google in 2013? It now can track kidnappings and hit-and-runs and send alerts. Read about it here.

Lastly, but because of it's incredible importance to human existence it probably should be first, is the new Israeli Water Non-Crisis. Yes, you heard me. There used to be a water crisis in Israel, as there is in most of the Middle East. No longer.  Some of you may remember these old Israeli commercials warning citizens to conserve their water, where the actors' skin began to peel off to illustrate just how bad the drought was?

They were taken off the air. Because the situation isn't bad enough anymore to scare people! How did that happen? One word: Desalination. Ok, two: and water conservation.  In a BIG way.

 A faucet and toilets in a classroom at the ecological village in Nitzana, Israel, October 29, 2009. Students there learn about desalination and on how to save water. (photo credit: Chen Leopold/Flash 90)

(maybe California should consider recycling their toilet water, too). In Israel, children grow up with the rule as part of their daily existence: conserve water! It's a cultural thing.  Read more about it, here.

All this reading should not keep you from having fun, so after you finish, go--celebrate Israel's 67th Independence Day with fireworks, BBQs, and don't forget to bop someone on the head with a plastic hammer.



Anonymous said…
the ceremony was great, but I was also impressed by the Palestinian-Israeli news reporter and the young autistic military young man who also lit the torch.
And, Lady Light, you just scratched the surface! I am so in awe of Israeli/Jewish Seichal (smartness, brains, ingenuity, wisdom...) and I am privileged to live here and to soon celebrate my 10 year aliyaversary. The next generation coming up the ranks will be incredible and unstoppable. Thanks for posting this reminder.
Mr. Cohen said…
Mr. Cohen said…
10 Myths Preventing Peace by Calev Myers
Mr. Cohen said…
How Reform Jews CHEATED on the Pew survey:
Mr. Cohen said…
Israel-Bashing BDS Movement refuted by Alan Dershowitz:
Mr. Cohen said…
Lady-Light said…
Wow, Miryam, you're still reading my blog?! Thank you ��. Makes me feel guilty for neglecting it for over a year. 2015 was not a good one. G-d willing, 2016 והלאה will be better. (except for the elections in the States...)
Emily Alyn said…
Great post and great to be in touch again. BTW I am back on facebook if you're there :) I agree, it's great to be an Israeli!

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