Obama's Hebrew Blog?

I just learned--yes, I stopped in the middle of Pesach cleaning and sneaked over to the computer when no one was looking, heheh--just don't tell anyone (...but too late for the Pesach Hevel Havalim, I'm afraid) from reading a JTA article that Senator Barack Obama from Illinois, in his campaign efforts to 'inform' the Israeli public (?) (read=garner the Jewish vote), has launched a blog in Hebrew, the first post being a translation of his Chicago speech of March 2nd, 2007, followed by the original in English .), hosted by the website Tapuz.

Now, that's an unusual thing to do, isn't it? As far as I know, none of the other candidates for President have blogs in the Hebrew language. Barrack Hussein Obama is apparently making a big PR attempt to promote the idea that he is very pro-Israel (again, read=very pro courting the Jewish vote).
In having this blog, he seems to want to express to the Israeli public (read=and their American counterparts) his strong support of Israel as a Jewish State with defensible borders. To this end, he believes in 'The Two State Solution." Not very original, is it (sigh...)
Let's add another Arab (read=anti-Israel, terrorist) state to the twenty-two already existing--within the heartland of Israel, yet--and that would solve Israel's problems.

There is also on his blog a letter written by his Middle-East Affairs Advisor, Eric Lynn thanking Tapuz for hosting this new blog and emphasizing Obama's support of Israel.
So why hasn't he broken his ties with the perhaps-secret-Muslim-anti-American-anti-Semitic-ostensibly-Christian Reverend Wright?

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. . .


muse said…
Obama'a Jewboy is Danny Kurzer, former US Ambassador to Israel, who is fluent in Hebrew and considers himself religious.
Bar Kochba said…
His idea of peace is the Two-State Final Solution. Fool.

I hope that you are feeling better. Chag Kasher v'Sameach!
Bar Kochba said…
BTW I've started an additional blog at www.moshiach-truth.blogspot.com dedicated to combatting the spiritual genocide of the Jewish people.

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