Obama Waffles (...not the kind you eat)

I have written before, in my posts of February 5,th 13th and April 13th about my uneasiness with this unknown quantity-cum-current-Democratic-nominee for president of the United States, and now have reason to write again. After a lovely speech before AIPAC in which he said all the right things (or should I say, said the right sentiments and feelings, but nothing much on 'tachlis' - the 'how-to' was missing), we now learn that Mr. Obama hastily changed his tune. Is it because he was confronted with Arab opposition to his stance on keeping Jerusalem undivided?
Initially, in his AIPAC speech, he said:
Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided," Obama declared Wednesday, to rousing applause from the 7,000-plus attendees at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference.

That didn't sit too well with PA Chairman Mr. Mahmoud Abbas nor with Hamas spokesman Sami Abu-Zuhari.
Is that why one of Mr. Obama's campaign advisors had to "clarify" (read= furiously backpedal) what Mr. Obama really meant by "undivided"? It seems, according to this spokesperson, he meant 'not divided by barbed wire and checkpoints.' Read the article in the Jerusalem Post, here.
Does he not give his audiences any credit for being
just a little intelligent? This smacks of double-speak to me, by someone who is trying to win friends and influence people--on both sides of the fence. I still don't know what Mr. Obama's policy is going to be on supporting a strong, safe Israel with an undivided Jerusalem as its capital, but I'm beginning to feel less and less secure by his need to 'explain' himself.
Waffles, anyone?

Here is another articles on Mr. Obama's attempt to be Israel's good friend, as seen in the Jewish World Review, and below is a video of his AIPAC speech. Should we trust this man as president?


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