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What Arabs Are Taught, and the True Ethics of Israel

I posted videos about Brigitte Gabriel before, and in light of the current Israeli defensive war going on today I thought this is relevant, showing the inhumanity and cruelty of the Arabs towards their own people--let alone the hatred and barbarism they show towards Christians and Jews.

And meanwhile, this is what Israel is doing to help the children in Gaza, even as they are retaliating against their sworn enemy who rains rockets on Israeli children daily.

My Daughter is Finally Here...

I began writing this on November 4th, but it became a draft which I never finished.  My daughter has been here already since November 1st, and she's 'hit the ground running'- figuratively speaking, of course.  More like she's hit the ground rolling, in her wheelchair--going from speaking engagement to VIP receptions to meeting with her former Junior High School principal to talk about old times and set up a day to speak to the students, to doctors, to 3 MRIs and one CT scan in the ER.  In between that we've had dozens of friends for Shabbat meals, people coming in and out visiting and a friend, colleague and professional masseuse giving her two massages already (on her back, not her legs) and hopefully one or two more before we leave for our grandson's bar mitzvah in Florida.  I am posting this because I wanted you to see what a disabled person might have to go through, in a situation where there is no ADA--Americans with Disabilities Act.

After a flight from I…

The Beginning of the End...Or...

It is almost the end of November and I haven't written since November 1st.  My daughter, known to some as Rambo, after having been stranded by Hurricane Sandy in New York at her cousin's place which lost power (despite the fact that they were beyond the evacuation zones and the danger zones: beyond Zone C), was finally able to get a flight, 4 days later (-as her flight had been cancelled like so many others) and has been here, at her parents' home, for 2 weeks now.

We have been so busy and my schedule has turned upside down, running to doctors, ER, pharmacy, taking her to events where she is speaking to and meeting people important to her cause, the promotion of awareness of and research into RSD/CRPS, in addition to having friends over for Shabbat meals and friends and acquaintences dropping in to visit; and as a result my going to bed late, I have not had the energy nor time to write.

Operation Pillar of Defense has changed this.  It is enough--enough of rockets raining …

Between Barack and a Hard Place

As the upcoming elections draw nigh, only one week away,  I am resigned to the fact that I have no one to vote for (unless I write in a candidate-say, my D. H.  I myself respectfully decline to run at this time...).

There is no way I will vote for the incumbent. Except for partially funding the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system that has prevented hundreds of casualties from hundreds of missiles launched from Gaza--funding it with conditions, however--our president has shown a disdain for Israel and her leaders such as has not been seen before by an American president.  His lack of protection for the Embassy personnel in Benghazi  when desperately requested before the September 11th attack which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others, as well as his lame, ineffectual and embarrassing essentially non-response after the attack--saying that it was caused by a spontaneous protest against a "vile, disgusting video" condemning Mohammad, apologizing--again--to the worl…