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Some Recent Israeli Accomplishments in her 67 Years: Independence Day 2015

An update to Waze which might nip kidnappings in the bud, a possible cure for Alzheimer's, and water management methods California surely can use - just to mention three, on the occasion of Israel's 67th Independence Day celebrations: Lighting the (Independence Day) Torch of the Future of the World. (What a country; what a people!)
Dr. Marta Weinstock-Rosin who invented the memory-improving drug Exelon speaks up about a possible future without Alzheimer's. A short excerpt about Dr. Weinstock-Rosin, below.
 In many ways, Exelon, and its inventor, paved new paths in Israeli medicine, and Israeli society. Weinstock-Rosin, who is Orthodox, was born in Vienna and fled with her family to Britain in 1939, narrowly escaping from the Nazis. She came to Israel with her family in 1969, and became a professor at Hebrew University in 1981. In 1983, she became head of the Pharmacology department at the Hebrew University (now part of the Institute for Drug Research) in the Faculty…

Pesach 5775/2015: A Retrospective. Again.

I haven't blogged since January 2015, I believe it was. There was a time when I would blog before or during every chag (which means holiday, for my non-Hebrew speaking friends), but a difficult year health and other-wise (more on these, possibly at a later date and blog post) and lack of patience to research subjects which interested me precluded blogging.
But it's erev chag sheni (the eve of the last days of Yom Tov, the holy days of Pesach/Passover) and I revisited my Previous Pesach Posts (note the alliteration; she said wryly) to see what I had written over the years, and decided -- the lazy woman's exit strategy -- to repost the links here, so you can peruse them all over again; that is, if you actually even read them to begin with...

A few points come to mind:
-Pesach cleaning and switching over? Hard?! Understatement of the year. Now, in 2015, with my mobility issues (osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, decrepiting-as-we-speak knee cartilege), nearly impossible without th…