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Nothing To Do With Islam, Of Course

I need add nothing to this video. Pat Condell slaps that religion in the face all by himself.

Israel: Changing the World for the Better. Again.

Israel is developing a new concept in cars: an electric car based on a hybrid lithium-ion and aluminum-air battery system. It's being developed and tested by Israel's start-up company, Phinergy, which stated that the car has a 1,100 mile range far outpacing the Tesla's 300 mile range between charges.
But don't tell the BDS people. They might just drop their membership...
(Oh, and by the way, what have the Arab nations produced to help mankind lately...?)

Conclusion: ONE State Solution, and that is ISRAEL

I vowed (well, I promised, bli neder) not to post of terrible events happening throughout the world, but there have been many, many terrorist attacks, against people in Western countries, and specifically, the Jews. Even since the horrific execution-style murders of the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff and the four Jews in the Hyper Cacher kosher market in Paris by radical Islamist terrorists and stabbing attacks on a #40 bus in Tel Aviv, by a Palestinian Arab illegally living in Israel. The so-called "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah continues to support terrorism and has even portrayed Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as Hitler.As recently as November, 2014, Fatah has stated that our bullets will continue to be aimed at your chests and heads. Abba's Fatah continues to praise and glorify terrorists who murder civilians as 'heroes.' And finally, the Palestinian Authority has NO intention of 'making peace' with Israel. On the contrary, its futur…