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Crowning a New Beauty Queen: Miss Holocaust Survivor?!

I just read something which blew my mind, and not in a good way: Israel has just crowned a "Beauty Queen" in a new pageant, called Miss Holocaust Survivor.  Some three-hundred women from ages 74 to 97 across the country registered for this event, billed as a "celebration of life" by the pageant organizer, who also stated that physical beauty was only a small part of the criteria used to judge the contestants.

My gut feeling is, I am appalled and disgusted by this.  How do you even dare to "judge" a person's horrific experience like that? One person's holocaust experience is worse than another's, and so merits winning? How do the losers feel: as if what they went through during this terrible time is not important? Not worth recognizing?  I think I would feel better about a program featuring survivors' personal stories, and recognizing them for fortitude and bravery and character. But having a beauty contest to show bravery?  That is a trivi…

Second Shabbat with my Granddaughter!

My almost-91/2-year-old granddaughter Noa has been with us for one week (she arrived last Friday) now, and she has been a pleasure!

It is so wonderful to come home from work to a child in the house again, even though I come home exhausted--I 'teach' and care for babies this summer, who have become toddlers--every one of them is walking now--assisting the main teacher (who does the art projects, child portfolios and conferences. Don't miss that part of it) from morning to early afternoon, part-time.  It's hands-on, and very physical, down to strapping everybody into what I call the "baby train," a four-seater Kindervan, powered by teacher-power only, and going for daily walks around the neighborhood.  Sometimes we have seven children, and not enough strollers and adults to walk, but most of the time we have six, so the extra 2 are strapped into a double-stroller and off we go!

But I digress.  I haven't had a kid here--either my kids, or grandkids-for a whi…

A Story About Women in Wheelchairs: They PUSH Boundaries!

The Times of Israel has published an article about a new reality show depicting capable, intelligent women who are succeeding in their lives--and they are in wheelchairs!  My daughter, still with CRPS and in her wheelchair, has the strength of character to succeed in her life as well.  Read on...

Women in wheelchairs push boundaries in real life and on TVIn a trend of reality television, ‘Push Girls’ stands out for its non-sensational depiction of women who can’t walk but are also gorgeous, athletic and ambitiousBy June 11, 2012, 10:26 am

The cast of 'Push Girls,' a new reality series. (photo credit: Sundance Channel) LOS ANGELES (Jewish Journal/JTA) — Mia Schaikewitz parked her shiny black Mitsubishi Eclipse in front of her graphic design office in Pasadena, California, looking glamorous in her black leather jacket and purple eye shadow with matching fingernail polish. She opened her car door, lifted out a wheelchair and assembled it in 20 seconds flat. T…

Old But Still Relevant

No time before candle lighting to research a new post, but in checking unread emails, I found this video from four years ago, still relevant - even more so - today.  Do you think people will recognize the incredible significance of Israel in the world today? Most...are afraid to....

Israel: World's Happiest Country

Shades of this idea have been written about before, such as how Jews value life above all else, and how Israelis seem to be high on the happiness meter.  Here comes an article from the Asia Times (written 13 May, 2008) about how, because of the knowledge that we are a covenental people, we have a long-term view of life, with the Jewish People as a nation (rather than as individuals) having an eternal existence, chosen by G-d.

According to the author of this article (written only as "Spengler"), at its 60th Independence Day in 2008, Israel was the happiest nation on Earth.  Although it was, as it is now, surrounded by enemies sworn to annihilate her, it was (and still is) one of the 'wealthiest, free-est and most highly-educated' nations, to paraphrase the author--and its citizens have a higher life-expectancy than either Germany or the Netherlands.
He writes:
Can it be a coincidence that this most ancient of nations [1], and the only …