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BIG BOOM in a Tiny Technology*

I remember many years ago being thrilled by the movie Fantastic Voyage, (yes, I know it dates me) all the while believing that it was science fiction. Little did I know then, that by the time I would be an adult it would actualize and become science fact. . .
Appropos this, you might remember that some time back I posted on this blog about the myriad things Israel has done and still is doing over its short history as a modern state to benefit humanity (many of which go unrecognized by the rest of the world).

Well, here's one that is being recognized (albeit quietly, for now): Fantastic Voyage has become Fantastic Fact: Israel is involved in break-through research and cutting-edge applications in the area ofNanotechnology,an applied science based on controlling matter on the atomic and molecular level.

Nanotechnology-"nano" deriving from the Greek nanos or nannos meaning "little old man" refers to a measure of one billionth, e.g., a nanometer is one-billionth of a…

"Kodak" Moments. . .

Thank heaven for my professional and reliable Research Assistants in my Research Department, such as M (in London), N (in the A. Intelligence Agency), and Betzalel, (my contact in the Shin-Bet) - among others, without whom I could never post the deep, pithy and world-changing posts that I do.

Like this one, which finally reveals the Seven Great Truths of Mankind:

This is what SAD looks like:

This is what SORRY looks Like:

This is what BAD SPELLING looks like:

This is what our TAX DOLLARS AT WORK
looks like:

This is what A BLONDE'S CAR looks like:

This is what "IT'S OK I'LL WAIT" looks like:

OUT OF TOWN" looks like:

(Keep up that research, guys!)

Feeling High. . .

As you can see, Chanukah and my working full-time have negatively impacted my blog; have not had the time nor energy to research topics to post. My project just ended at the end of last week, and I am posting something as a transition before my next real subject (this one's an illusion!) while I am starting another job search - but what a transition: just listen to this beauty from HaBanot Nechama, for a musical harmonial HIGH:

Music is in my soul; don't you just feel like flying? I do: my recently-married-in-June-son & daughter-in-law have just arrived in the States for a visit. I can't wait to see them!
In summation, I am grateful to G-d for my family and their milestones and achievements, one of which (just to point out two) is my eldest daughter's new baby carrier company which you can go to by clicking on, and I can't close without a hearty Happy Birthday to my soldier-daughter, Tzipi, who completes her 19th year in the secular calen…

The Festival of Lights

I'm probably the only blogger who hasn't yet posted anything about the wonderful holiday of Chanukah; thank G-d it's eight days long, so procrastinating bloggers such as I can get our act together (Amazing. And here you thought it was eight days long because of the miracle of the oil.).
Everything I wanted to tell you about (prepare yourselves for one lo-ooong, run-on sentence) - the over 2,000 year old history of this holiday dating back to the time when Judea was under the rule of the Seleucid king Antiochus around 169 B.C.E. (Before the Common Era) and his cruel prohibitions of Jewish religious practices such as ritual circumcision and Sabbath observance and the Hasmonean family whose head was Matityahu (Mattathias) who led the Jewish revolt against Antiochus with his five sons one of whom was Yehudah who was called "Maccabee" (Judah Maccabee) from the Hebrew letters on his shield meaning "who is like You among the gods O Lord" which formed the acrony…