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Israel Journal: Week the Second

Just a quick post.  Am trying to care for my two little toddler grandkids like a parent: feeding, changing diapers, bathing two in the tub simutaneously and running after them to diaper them and pajama-them for bed.  In between I read them a story.  Today I took my first long walk with two in a stroller built for one, up and down the hills (there is no level area where we live.  Just hills.) to the shopping 'center,' basically a little strip-mall type thing with several stores including a small supermarket, some small clothing, toy and 'kol bo' store ('kol bo' means 'everything in it,' like a very small department store), a bakery and a small pizza place.  Oh and also a money-changing place, which I entered, having used almost all my shekels.

In between all that I try to help my daughter by waiting on her and giving her what she needs.  My son is the one who lifts her from the sofa to the wheelchair when she needs to use the bathroom, or needs to move b…

Israel Journal: Day the Fifth - Eighth

Blogging daily, or even every two or three days will probably not be a possibility for me.   So far, although it might change,  my day looks like this:  I get up in the morning, sometimes early—around 5:30-6:30 a.m., because my window down in the basement mamad* room doesn’t have a curtain yet (there is one in a plastic bag, but the people whose house guest I am have not put it up yet).  I have two bath towels hanging over the window, which swings in towards the room to open, for a little privacy and sun-blockage.  The morning sun streams into the room at 0500 hours or so, basically forcing me to wake up even if I don’t want to, as I didn’t today.  Last night I stayed up till 1:00 a.m. Skyping with my D. H. and some friends, one of whom I thought was in Israel, but was in the States.  Suffice it to say, I shouldn’t have. Stayed up, that is.  I wanted to sleep this morning, so when Mr. Shemesh* woke me up at the unearthly hour of 5:30, I staggered out of bed and rummaged through my lug…

Israel Journal: Day the First

My co-teacher actually triggered this idea for me, by giving me a "going-away" present on my next-to-last day of teaching, before I left for Israel. She gave me a feather-pendant necklace, which (according to its accompanying card) symbolized 'angel's wings or a bird in flight, for good luck. Together with that and a heartfelt personal card, were three thin little booklets to use as a "journal."
I had thought about writing on this trip, but but it was just a thought-I didn’t think it through. After she gave me the gift, I told her that I had thought about writing, but not in such an antiquated format—my worsening arthritis which has made my thumbs not-so-opposable is making longhand writing a bit difficult.  My writing is now done on the PC, or on my friend’s Netbook (a friend was kind enough to lend me hers), as I don’t own a laptop…yet—it’s on my personal “wish list.”
I had intended to begin writing of this special, emergency trip to help my daughter, while…

Video Medley: Being Jewish, Connecting with the Divine, and the Mitzvah to be Happy

I found some meaningful videos that I think express some of my thoughts and feelings about Jewishness, spirituality, and the importance of happiness--the latter of which is extremely relevant to my family at this difficult time for us.  We should watch this, and catch the beat!  (and the achdut, too!)

My daughter has created a  RSD/CRPS Awareness page on Facebook, here.  Please LIKE it, and send it to all your friends.  Maybe, with more awareness leading to research, we can stop this debilitating disease.

And now, on to the videos!

On Being Jewish:

Judaism: Connecting the Physical with the Divine:

It's a Mitzvah to be HAPPY!

*(hat tip to the Azooooolai family for the Ya'alili video--thanks, guys!)

Chronic Pain: A Video

I saw this video posted on my daughter's Facebook page, and went to the link.  It explains a little about what chronic pain is and does to a person. 

You should also read her latest post.  Her blog, My Personal Battle with RSD,  is linked in my sidebar, but this latest post of hers is so important, I am linking it again right here: What It's Like to Live With RSD.

The One-State Solution: Best Idea Yet

I need to take a break from worrying myself sick and stressing out over my daughter's illness, and I did just that a short while ago--for approximately 3.29 minutes.  I actually laughed.

So I am now digressing from my thinking about, consulting on and researching RSD/CRPS to help my beloved daughter combat this disease, to share with you a new, absolutely brilliant idea about solving the troubles of my beloved country, Israel.

Andrew Klavan,* I shoulda thought of this myself.  Darn.

*Here is his website.