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Forgot to Alert You...

...To Haveil Havalim #288, which was up and running almost a week ago (sigh; this is getting to be a habit, my forgetting things) at Isramom's blog. Well, you know what they say.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda. . .

Maybe I'll be able to blog a little more frequently after parent/teacher conferences.  Nah. Just kidding. 
(But I miss it...)

The Islam You Want to Tolerate So Generously--Won't Tolerate YOU

Thank you to Arlene Kushner for sending the link to this video.  I have written about Wafa Sultan before, way back in 2006, here.  This religion is what the liberal fools of the world want to tolerate, and they call anyone who speaks his or her mind expressing fear of someone in Muslim garb--case in point: Juan Williams, subsequently fired from NPR radio-- a "bigot." More power to brave people such as Geert Wilders and Wafa Sultan.  May they enlighten us all, before it's too late.

Yup. It's Obama's Fantasy Land

I'm probably the last one who saw this (it's at least a week old today), but it's good enough to post, even late.  And some of my readers may not have seen this, so here for your pleasure is Latma TV's latest sarcastic video, "Obama's Underwater Fantasy." The only place Israel could be accepted by the world to have a state of its own.  Right.  You should live so long.

The Latest Haveil Havalim is Up

The latest and newest Jewish Blog Carnival, Haveil Havalim (for those readers with no knowledge of Hebrew, the title translates to "Vanity of Vanities") #287 is up and running at Cosmic X.  Yours truly is not in it, but that is because I have not been blogging lately.  It is still chock full o' great articles, just waiting for your perusal, so, to paraphrase the title of yesterday's Torah portion, Lech Lecha ("go forth for yourself") to Cosmic X and read 'em!

Recognition of the Jewish State: A Prerequisite for True Peace

Everyone is screaming about Israel's not making 'concessions for peace,' lately by not extending the construction freeze in Jerusalem.  I don't hear anyone saying a word about the so-called Palestinians (who amazingly didn't exist in 1948.  Somehow then, they were just "Arabs") not recognizing the state of Israel and that being an obstacle for peace.

Finally there is someone (Michael B. Oren) who actually noticed that discrepancy and wrote about it in the New York Times:
Affirmation of Israel’s Jewishness, however, is the very foundation of peace, its DNA. Just as Israel recognizes the existence of a Palestinian people with an inalienable right to self-determination in its homeland, so, too, must the Palestinians accede to the Jewish people’s 3,000-year connection to ourhomeland and our right to sovereignty there. This mutual acceptance is essential if both peoples are to live side by side in two states in genuine and lasting peace. The fact that thi…

Too Much Work, Too Little Time...To Blog!

I should start out by saying, thank G-d I found a job!  I'm back to teaching, this time little ones, toddler age, at a wonderful preschool which (unfortunately) is very far from my home, but--what can one do?!

Because of this, I have very little time for blogging, let alone even being on the PC!  What I now need a computer for, is WORK (translation: gotta getta laptop!)  Unfortunately, the bank account won't allow for that at this time...

Kids are amazing, although it is very tiring work, demanding high energy levels (and my knees are protesting vociferously!!).  But it is wonderful how a child's personality develops, and how excited and interested they are in the world around them.  And it is a privilege that I can make a positive difference in a child's life.  I remember how difficult a childhood I had, and how adults around me, including teachers, were not understanding and empathetic. This may be a part of the reasons I went into teaching, almost straight out of co…

Here's One Who Sees the Threat

Thanks to Arlene from Israel I learned about a certain rabbi's sermon that was given in Atlanta, Georgia, which really hit the mark as far as recognizing that "giant elephant in the room" to which no one ever refers.

The Rabbi is Shalom Lewis of Congregation Etz Chaim, and he gave this powerful sermon for the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana.  I am excerpting portions here, but you absolutely must read it in its entirety which you can do by going to the synagogue's website (click on the link above).
The Rabbi (as any good rabbi would do) begins his sermon with a story.  This, however, is a disturbing story which serves to illustrate his point: that the world is topsy-turvy, that black is white and white is black, that good is thought of as evil and evil, good.

Many years ago a Chassid used to travel from shtetl to shtetl selling holy books. On one occasion he came to a wealthy land owner and asked if he would like to purchase a book of Torah teachings. The banker agreed…

Haveil Havalim #285 is Up

The latest Haveil Havallim, #285, entitled "Back to the Beginning"--a very apt title, as we just finished the annual cycle of the reading of the Torah and are starting all over again with Breisheet (Genesis)--is now up and running at Frume Sarah's.
(Was that a long, run-on sentence or what?)