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It's OK to Hate the Jews, In Fact, it's In: Caroline Glick Says it All

I am reprinting Caroline Glick's entire article originally published in the Jerusalem Post, here. Read it carefully, very, very carefully. Then do something--call your newspaper, talk to friends, email your contact list--to try to enlighten the world and change the reality of which she speaks, which unfortunately is the utter truth. How can we change this?

Three Jewish Children

Ruth Fogel was in the bathroom when the Palestinian terrorists pounced on her husband Udi and their three-month-old daughter Hadas, slitting their throats as they lay in bed on Friday night in their home in Itamar.
The terrorists stabbed Ruth to death as she came out of the bathroom. With both parents and the newborn dead, they moved on to the other children, going into a bedroom where Ruth and Udi's sons Yoav (11) and Elad (4) were sleeping. They stabbed them through their hearts and slit their throats.
The murderers apparently missed another bedroom where the Fogels' other sons, …

Never Again. Purim Is Upon Us.

Purim is coming.  Ve-nahafoch-hu.  (Look it up.)

Newsflash: ANNEX All Captured Land. EXPEL All Non-Israeli Arabs

It is time for the "Palestinians" to GO. Now, after this horrific bestial attack by Palestinians who slaughtered almost an entire Jewish, religious family on the Jewish Sabbath, including parents and children from age 11 down to a three month old baby, by stabbing and slashing throats while most of them were sleeping.  

It is time we took the stand we needed to take in 1967 and annex all the land captured from these animals, and expel them all. I don't give a damn where they go. Libya or Somalia.  Or drive them into the sea. This is not a people with whom to create a state, for G-d's sake.  This is not an entity with which to negotiate.  It is a vicious dog to put out of it's misery.  Our misery. Just kill it.
My post of March 8th stands.  Annex all "territories" into Greater Israel.  Expel the enemy within.

Do you have the guts to see what these animals did? These photos were released by the family, in order that the world should see what Muslim terrori…

Israel Sending Humanitarian Aid to Others--Again

Israel, tiny in land mass but huge in ethics and morality, is again in the forefront of nations sending aid to stricken countries in need of help.  Most recently to Haiti after its devastating earthquake in 2010 and now, to Japan, after the magnitude 8.9 quake and tsunami which hit northern Japan today and rolled across the Pacific. 
Haaretz, a major Israeli daily newspaper, reported that a ZAKA international rescue team will fly out to Japan after the end of Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, to help in search and rescue efforts to save as many lives as possible.  They will be joined by the ZAKA team based in Hong Kong, after the end of Shabbat in their region.
ZAKA is a volunteer, humanitarian organization in Israel known for its rescue work after terrorist attacks and disasters in Israel. It is also recognized by the United Nations.

I wrote about the Israeli rescue team in Haiti in several places on this blog, after it was shown to have one of the most medically advanced and efficient fi…

Israel: The Next Major Global Oil Exporter?

In light of the political upheavals around the Arab world in North Africa and the Middle East, the price of a barrel of oil has shot up to over $100 a barrel, consequently the price of gasoline in my state alone has risen to $3.39/gal, and in some areas even higher.

The world has become dependent upon MIddle Eastern oil (read: Arab controlled), which does not seem to bode well for Israel.  Except for this: it is now known that there were major discoveries of natural gas off the shore of the Mediterranean (about which I had written, complete with maps,  here - ) in areas mainly under Israel's jurisdiction. I have just read an article in the Jerusalem Post by Dore Gold which states that back in November, the World Energy Council based in Britain reported that Israel has oil shale reserves from which billions--yes, billions--of barrels of oil can be extracted.  Dr. Yuval Bartov, chief geologist for Israel Energy Initiatives presented, at a Colorado School of Mines symposium, data sh…

Jewish Blog Carnivalia

So here's another thing that has nothing to do with the price of noodles, but is all about noodles: check out the latest KCC, Kosher Cooking Carnival, at MiriYummy's-how apropos. And did I ever send you a notice of the latest Havel Havalim? Probably not, as I was pre-occupied with...everything else going on in my life.  So here it is, HH #306, at Frume Sarah's.

Ok. Yatzati li'dei hovah (Google it.).  I can go to sleep now.

(this is not a real post.  if you want to read a real post, scroll down to the previous one.  that's a real post.)

YES Operation, NO Pali State (=YES to Annexation)

I am typing this with my right hand and only one finger of my left.  After thirty years (yes, you read that right: three-zero years) of living with pressure and tingling and numbness and lately a burning pain in my wrist and fingers, I finally had my carpal-tunnel release operation done on my left hand--my dominant hand--this morning. 
The local hasn't worn off yet, so I'm not sure what I will feel when it does.  Or maybe it already did, and the Vicodin has kicked in.  And that's what's causing my nice side effect of...nausea. Yuck.

Which has nothing to do with the price of noodles, or rather the price of Israel's future secure existence as the Jewish State in the Middle East, otherwise known to some as 'the solution to the Israeli-"Palestinian" conflict', which is also known to others (-actually the vast majority of the duped world population out there) as "ending the occupation."

Okay, being that I was just operated on I'm a littl…