Still Concerned About the Senator from Illinois. . .

Well, it looks as if the Senator from Illinois, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is sweeping up the Democratic delegates. As of last count, he seems to be ahead of the Senator from New York, Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton; at the very least he is surely giving her a run for her money.

There is no question that Obama is a good orator; but should that be the basis upon which we elect our next president?

In the meantime, I've discovered more disturbing things about him and his possible affiliations. Here is an article I found on WorldNetDaily about a Che Guevara flag in Obama's volunteers' office. Is Che a role model? That's worrisome.

Not enough? So here is another one to worry about, from a site called Project Islamic Hope.* Do you recognize that face, right smack in the middle of the heading? Obama's photo up there can only mean that he is one of the supporters of their causes (now, what might they be)?

Well, here's just one of their causes, apparently; why don't you read it, and then scroll down to the signatories. . .

I don't know what all this means. All I can do, is present these items to you as I received them. Why don't you write to Senator Obama, and ask him?

*thanks again to A. of my incredible research staff for this one (you know who you are).


As per Obama,
so fat his mama.
No seriously what going to happen is people are looking for an anti-thesis to Bush and in everybody's mind the essential quality of Bush is talking dumb and being unable to speak coherently, as is popularized on David Latterman's presidential speeches. So people will vote for the opposite of bush: someone who can talk well. The masses are stupid that's why they get what they deserve. America hasn't got enough sense to elect what's his name -- Mccain, Mcabel, Mcadam, Mceve. No seriously, after nixon they elected carter who was supposed to be nixon's antithesis pacifistic nice peanut farmer. The same thing is going to be with Bush they'll vote for smooth-talker. Let's just hope he won't be too active in office. Mr Hussein Sadama.
Anonymous said…
Take a look at this article in the New York Times. "9 Jewish Leaders Say E-Mail Spread Lies About Obama." I'm not going to put the link right here because it is too long, but you can certainly find it.

And to call all Arabs barbarians is simply disgusting and outrageous. While there are more than certainly extremists, it is no excuse to belittle a nation who has contributed much to the world (have you not learned about the Islamic expansion not to mention the niceties they gave to the Jews and Christians living under their rule). I would look at our (Jewish) religious extremist too.

Before you send out your blog to everyone you know, maybe you should check your facts first instead of just spreading hateful messages, which is certainly something this world does not need right now.

And take a close look at who was is support of the letter than went out supporting Obama and condemning those lies.
Anonymous said…
Muslims for Obama

Interesting insight in what we have to look forward to ....
Anonymous said…
Obama and the New Black Panther Party

NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY represents Freedom, Justice, and Peace for all of Mankind.

Obama will stir the "Melting Pot" into a better "Molten America".

Does that mean Obama will give up his African hereitage and Isalm -- or you will bow and submit?
Lady-Light said…
noph angel: (- Poet and punster to the end, eh?)
Very interesting concept: looking for an "antithesis" to President Bush, from inarticulate to articulate. A reactive response, from 'Nixon to Carter' ('warmonger to pacifist')There might be something to that; not that the successor was a good leader, or understood history, or had a good foreign policy; just another case of 'throwing out the baby with the bathwater.' You don't think much of the American 'masses,' do you? I want to give them more credit than that, but in the light of Obama's cult-like acceptance without studying the facts, I'm not so sure. . .
Anon#1: Thank you for your comment on my post. I read it with great interest, and decided to answer you here, and in a future post.
Firstly, I found the NY Times article you cite, and read it in its entirety. Here is the link (it is a bit long, but worth posting):
It is true that some 9 Jewish group leaders wrote an open letter condemning an email circulating the internet, which states that Obama swore on the Q’uran rather than the Bible. Obama has denied that, saying (as quoted in the article) “I am a Christian. I have been sworn in with a Bible. I pledge allegiance and lead the Pledge of Allegiance sometime in the United States Senate, when I’m presiding.
That’s fine. I never claimed that he wasn’t sworn in on the Bible, so the article is not relevant to my post. It (the article, that is) was mainly about the Jewish groups’ reaction to the false email, and Senator Obama’s denial of the claims presented in this email. I have no problem with that. One interesting note: the article went on to mention that Obama “distanced himself” from an award given by a magazine published by his church to Louis Farrakhan, stating that: “I assume that Trumpet Magazine made its own decision to honor Farrakhan based on his efforts to rehabilitate ex-offenders,” he said, “but it is not a decision with which I agree.
The article states that Obama “condemned the anti-semitic statements made by Minister Farrakhan.”
This is good. That does pertain to the points in my post: I wrote that he is a member of an anti-Semitic church. If he feels that Farrakhan’s statements are wrong and that he was wrongly awarded, why doesn’t he break with his church? For your subsequent points, please see my next post.
Anon#2: Muslims for Obama gives food for thought: do Americans want to give special privileges to Islam, such as is requested on that site? Have the Jews ever requested synagogues or mikvehs at airports? This is getting into dangerous territory, if we cater to one religion only.
Anon#3: In case you are not the same as Anon. #2, I'll address it separately here: I could not find that URL because it was cut off in your comment, so I was not able to find any reference to the New Black Panthers on Mr. Obama's site. Please send it to me again, ok? -And thanks for your comment(s).
Batya said…
Do you really think that if nominated the country will go for him, but the same question re: Hillary...
Lady-Light said…
batya: I apologize for not responding to your comment before this; I think the American people either are duped by Obama--they refuse to see evidence of a disturbing past and affiliations, and are mezmerized,like rock band groupies,by his rhetoric--or they don't care about his anti-American and anti-Israel affiliations and upbringing as a Muslim, because they don't have a clue as to their importance for our future as a free nation. I'm beginning to think, like noph angel, that the vast majority of Americans are stupid.

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