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Latest Video Explaining RSD/CRPS from "RSD Doesn't Own Me"


Ketamine Coma for Severe RSD/CRPS

My daughter as you know has RSD/CRPS in both legs, and is in a wheelchair.  She is not, however, considering a Ketamine coma, and neither am I.  She does want to try a Ketamine infusion, but the doctors she has seen are refusing to do it.  They keep saying she needs to 'force herself to work through the pain.'  How much do they really understand about this disease?

We will try to find out if it is possible to do this treatment (the infusion) after we get there next week.  Here is a video of a girl with extremely severe RSD/CRPS who decided to undergo the Ketamine coma treatment.  It is frightening to watch.  Please pray for my daughter...

Phyllis Chesler Tells the Truth-Again

An Emerita professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at CUNY, Phyllis Chesler is an active feminist and has been extremely outspoken in her pro-Israel stance.  She has written often about the world's obsession with and accusations against Israel, calling it an apartheid state, railing against its 'occupation of Palesinian land' et al.

Here she does it again, calling attention to the U.N.'s totally ignoring the plight of Hindu refugees, and drawing a parallel between Jews and Hindus who have both been persecuted and driven out of their holy places throughout history.  In a speech she gave in Pune, India via Skype, she stated:

When one tries to talk about Islamic religious and gender apartheid or about Islamic terrorism, one is immediately demonized as an “Islamophobe” and a “racist.” One loses one's reputation as a “good” person. One also loses one's friends and employment possibilities.
This has just happened to one of India's true heroes, Dr. Subram…

One Week Left...

I have been "sick" since Chanukah with my acute nasopharingitis or chronic rhinosinusitis or GERD or whatever the heck this is, having been diagnosed, re-diagnosed, and misdiagnosed by various and sundry doctors, forever!  That is why the word 'sick' is in quotes.  I still, after all these years with the same symptoms, have no idea what this is that I have.  I have had no fever, no muscle aches, and alternately feel weak, tired, and constantly coughing up...well, never mind. 
And I'm leaving for Israel in a week.  Just great.  Today I am feeling a bit better, but still coughing up, and losing my voice.  How to teach in that situation? No clue.  I do have a doctor appointment with my new (yes, another doctor) physician on Thursday, but that leaves very little time to get Rxs and rest up before flying.

We will be in Israel for six weeks, and probably most of the time we will be helping our daughter, Rambo, with moving to another apartment, if she's found one, v…

Orchard of Delights: A Beautiful Book, Inside and Out

While in Israel this past summer, I bought Rabbi Trugman's (of Ohr Chadash) new commentary on the Torah, Orchard of Delights, recently reviewed in the Baltimore Jewish Examiner.  I had already been listening with rapture during Shabbatot at my younger son's home to several divrei Torah, or Torah lessons (literally,"words" of Torah), which he gave over at his Shabbat table from Rabbi Trugman's book.  The manner in which RavTrugman interweves the spiritual and physical filled me with wonderment. His teachings lend credence to physicist and theologian Gerald Schroeder's philosophy manifested in his books (two of which I have read, and a third, God According to God, which I am currently reading), that not only does science not disprove the veracity of the Torah, but rather the opposite--and that the two, Torah and Science, are compatible and even interdependent.  From the introduction to Dr. Schroeder's book, God According to God:
Albert Einstein discovered …

New Shiur Live NOW!

This is a bit crazy, posting a blog post about a live webcast, but here is it anyway: Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman is giving a shiur (Torah lesson/lecture) right now, right here:

Live, learn, and expand your minds in 2012!