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See Truth-Take Action

I have been remiss - I have not posted since November. I've been here since 19 Tishrei, chol ha-mo'ed Sukkot. Right now I am almost all recovered from my second illness (both upper respiratory), be-ezrat Hashem. Between being sick for almost half my stay here and being with my family (mainly being sick), I haven't gone anywhere nor done much. But I am witnessing "the situation" from the inside: reading the news, listening to people, watching talk panels on TV, and discussing it with my kids.
It is dire. The world has gone mad; it is an "olam hafuch", an upside-down world. War against Israel is imminent. Even some so-called Palestinians (I use this term for common recognition only; they are all merely ARABS) are starting to question the general deadly looniness, as seen on The Jerusalem Post site column about the exploding grandmother by Saul Singer:
"How is it that the political factions have led the Palestinian people to the brink of national, polit…