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Lone voice in the wilderness

Some of you might have already seen this widely circulated video of the discussion on Al Jazeera with Wafa Sultan and Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouli on the Clash of Civilizations theory of Samuel Huntington.
In light of the biased so-called 'news reports' and the partial-and-mis -information (e.g., Kofi Anan implying that Israel 'delibirately targeted' the UN observers) which is being bandied around by the mainstream media, I consider this video - which very plainly states the horrific behaviors perpetrated in the name of the Muslim religion for decades - very relevant today. Click on the title link to see and hear a lone voice in the wilderness (Hat Tip to my friend Ruti in the Golan for pointing this out to me.)
yalla ya Nasrallah - song from Israel

Okay,okay- I know it's during the nine days and we're not supposed to listen to music, but this is WAR, and if this little piece inspires Tzahal and builds morale, then it will help us WIN and turn Tisha b'Av into the joyous chag it is going to beb'aharit ha-yamim when Moshiach is here. Besides, it's in lishon ha-kodesh (give or take a coupla words...)
[Hat Tip: The Bagel Blogger and several others; no time to link them now--it's erev Shabbat, so Shabbat Shalom!]

Israel Air Force & Infantry video

View this 6 minute video on the Israeli Air Force and 3 infantry units-



(-thank you to The Muqata and Jerusalem Cop)

Israel needs our help NOW!

Dear readers,
Click on the title link to see our brave sons and brothers saying Tefilat Haderekh in their tanks! We need you more than ever now! Here is the next letter from my friends in the Golan. Please, please open your arms and your pocket books and GIVE GENEROUSLY!
To get more of a sense of the מצב רוח of the people, especially in the north, please also scroll down to read my previous post.
Thank you, and may Hashem bless you and Am Yisrael.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you and my friends in the USA while the bombs are falling and our reserves are moving north by the thousands. We, thank G-d are unharmed, but around us and north of us there is tremendous destruction and uncertainty. Families are in bomb shelters most of the day and everything has come to a stop. I am sure your tfilot and tehillim and thoughts are directed to the people of Israel.
I am sending you the address of a fund which is supplying hot meals for the families throughout the north (especially Tsafat) and toys and…

Letters from Israel

I would like to share with you some correspondence from a friend up in the Golan. He expresses what I am hearing from other friends of mine in Haifa and in Tzfat. Our Israeli friends and family want to know that we are with them at this perilous time. If any of you would like to express your feelings of support and comfort, please comment or email me and I might post your letter. Here is their address:

Israel on and off the beaten path
Yehuda Geller Israel tour guide
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Israel on and off the beaten path

To all of my friends,
This is a very difficult time for Israel. Our soldiers have been kidnapped by Arab terrorists. Our cities and villages are being bombarded and civilians and soldiers have been killed, on the battlefields and at home. We hear the explosions of our tanks and cannon retaliating and at the same time we hear the wail of air raid sirens and warning blasts.
The people of Israel are very stro…

How Did Yaakov Prepare for War with Esav?

He prepared gifts for his brother (we tried appeasement: Oslo Accords, Wye River Memorandum, Camp David, Road Map, the hitnatkut from Gaza), he divided his camp and prepared to fight (we are now fighting on two fronts), and he prayed to Hashem (see our "Holy Jewish Soldiers"...Hat Tip for the photo to my friend Chana in Tzfat).
May Good triumph over evil, and may Hashem protect all of Israel.

Joseph Farrah for President!

A short short post:

"It's time for Israel to make humus
out of Hamas"
-- Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily (how's that for a quote?! -shukran Joseph!!)

An Open Letter to Rama:

Dear Rama,
Thank you for commenting on my previous post. I thank G-d that you survived the Hutu massacre of Tutsis in 1994. One needs to understand the history and politics of Rwanda to understand what contributed to that terrible event ( here's a site which might help: .
The same is true of the Arab/Israel conflict. Read that history, and also the history of the Jews in that region of the world. (here's a good site to begin with:

The fact is that most of the world does not understand, nor cares to understand what is going on in the Middle East today and why. They only see and hear the propaganda and 'marketing' which is shouted out the loudest and longest, by the Arabs (Israel needs a good lesson in public relations!).

In light of that, let me answer your comment on my previous post point by point. You said:
1) "But rationnally, I cannot understand what the…

the TRUTH about the MYTHS - would the world be better off without Israel (G-d Forbid)?

It's about time for a post, don't you think? Couldn't come at a better time, seeing that Israel is finally hitting back hard at her enemies who have all but declared war on her. For those of you who have had your heads in paper bags for the last couple of weeks, Israel is fighting for her life on two fronts, the south, in Gaza (Aza - why the 'g', I have no clue), and the north, in Lebanon. This is because, in both areas, Hamas & Hezbollah (financially & otherwise supported by Damascus and Teheran) attacked, sent Kassam and Katyusha rockets into Israeli cities targeting, wounding and murdering civilians, and kidnapped soldiers. All this this a major offensive and is tantamount to a declaration of war on Israel.
That given, I commend President Bush for supporting Israel's right to defend itself. However, where does Condi Rice get the nerve to request that Israel use restraint? Would the US use 'restraint' if attacked by Mexico?? I think not; it wou…