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I Have Two Married Children!!

Hello? Are you there? Are you still there?

I have been away for--good lord--one wholemonth!! I have not had the time to post, although I have had some access to a computer (this one being my older son's; the one who is not yet married; but he has a serious girlfriend. . . ), my time on it was spent in practical and necessary matters: searching for apartments, going through RSVP lists for the wedding, checking for hasa'otrentals (transportation rentals) to get far-flung guests to the wedding, etc. And that, sporadically, when I wasn't helping with my grandchildren, or running around (eh, more like limping, actually) shopping for Shabbat or calling various people/caterers/venue-managers regarding wedding preparations.

Well, it's a done deal. My younger son is married. To the Israeli girl I introduced him to at our home in the States.

OMIGOSH: My Younger Son is Married!!!! That can't be. No, no--he was just born: there he is, actually lifting his head up from the table w…