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The Stark Murder: Who Was He?

You have probably heard of the notorious New York Post headline on the story of the horrible death of Menahem Stark, "Who Didn't Want Him Dead," which angered the Jewish community at its total insensitivity and accusations (I can think of at least several people: his wife, and his children, for starters).  No matter what he did, what white-collar crimes he might have committed, nothing justifies kidnapping, possibly torturing and murdering someone-nothing!

Here are a couple of perspectives on this tragedy. He is alleged to have been a slum landlord who didn't maintain his buildings nor care about his tenants. He also was a pillar of his Satmar Hassidic community, giving tzedakah (charity) freely and helping others.  Who was Menachem Stark? How should his death be viewed? How should his life...?

I am ashamed of his behavior, if what is said about him is true. He was not living what a Jewish life is supposed to be, no matter what 'sect' he belonged to.  But I a…

Gratitude is a Virtue

Thank you to Paula for posting this short-but-so-important post.  Who helped the United States after Hurricane Sandy and the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma? Guess (hint: the world's scapegoat).

My mother always taught me that it is not only proper - but it is also never to late to say thank you to someone who has helped you. I got this email - I've seen it before, but then I thought to share it because what I assume is public knowledge, often isn't. Read on, here....

Breaking Down Barriers

My last post was definitely Pat Condell overload. I needed to get the venom out of my system, and he expressed it beautifully.

Tonight I am in a different mood, more loving, wanting to connect with people--and thanks to my friend K.S. on Facebook (and real life), I found this: a photographer bringing complete strangers in close proximity, as if they've known each other for years.  And because of this closeness and touching, something changes; a barrier is breached, a connection is made.  Maybe this is what humanity needs, to not be afraid to touch another human being, to connect with them. Maybe, just maybe, many of the problems we have today--alienated, angry people who hate--are due to lack of connecting emotionally, lack of love; creating a macro-sized attachment disorder.  Take a look; it was posted on UpWorthy.

Something For Everybody

Whatever your religion-Christian, Jewish or Muslim--or lack of, here's a kind word for everybody.  What would I do without Pat Condell to so eloquently express my rage?  (And the last one has special personal meaning for me).

For 2014: Depression, Reality, and Positive Thinking

I searched for this report on NPR but couldn't find it. What's the reference? This morning--at least, I think it was this morning (I had one glass of wine last night), I heard on Morning Edition (at least, I think it was on Morning Edition. Same reason as above) to which I awaken every morning-because music would send me back to sleep-a very interesting report through my sleepy stupor.  It questioned the premise that positive thinking is best for a good life. Yes, you read that right.  It questioned whether people who are 'glass half full' people really see reality.  It questioned the premise that people who tend to be depressed, are not living in the real world.
 You know how psychological gurus, preachers,Chassidic and other spiritual leaders always emphasize the positive? They tell you to 'think positively,' 'don't be negative,' or 'depression is a sin?'  The question was asked, who is in touch with reality more, sad and depressed people,…