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That Piercing, Poignant, Perturbing Pesach Question is Answered (in Japanese, no less!)

I have no time! I have no time! We've kashered the kitchen (I made it!) and will be eating food on Pesachdike dishes cooked in Pesachdike pots this Shabbat Hagadol. But Toodles' room which I use as an office is not yet ready--I am now in the process of sorting, organizing, filing, and shredding my mess. Then I have to do the furniture and vacuum, and clean the bathrooms, etc. So I really don't have time to post, but I got this video and it was so cute I couldn't resist (I don't know why the pic is not visible, but as far as I am aware, the link works-just click in the center.) Just think: Our lives are so much more meaningful after having the answer to this question:

temporarily closed due to Pesach cleaning...

First, I hope you clicked on the title link in my last post; it went to a blog on Telecomweb about daylight saving time (the title pun was that writer's, not mine!).
In (click on link here:) more pressing matters, because I put off cleaning for Pesach until today, I am in a panic, since my original 'plan' was to be pesachdikeby Shabbat Hagadol. Don't know if that will happen now. I thought it would be easier with the kids not home, and maybe it is, to a degree: they're not here to mess things up! But on the other hand, I've been using my daughter Toodles' room as an office, with my computer, a new computer desk, with two sets of those new plastic file drawers on either side of it. And, worse--I confess--I've been eating at my computer (shh-hh-don't tell anyone.). So it's not the kids' mess I have to clean up, but my own. And they are not here to help me, to boot. It's just my husband and I by our little lonesomes, to do all the work, incl…

'Daylight Savings Crime'. . .!

(I know, I know; lately I'm behind in everything; this topic is a bit old...)
I am not ready for Daylight Saving Time.* It's not supposed to start until Pesach, for gosh sakes. And even then, I'm not ready for it. I don't believe it saves much energy, if at all. Did anybody even figure in the amount of electricity used in the early morning, when it's dark--and add those numbers into the equation? I mean, here you are, getting up when it's pitch black outside, feeling your way around the bathroom and closet, hoping you'll (ahem) 'hit the mark', and then not end up (horrors) wearing the green and orange polka-dotted shirt with the blue and brown plaid skirt (didn't mention pants, 'cause nobody wears blue and brown plaid pants.)
And another thing, the thought of having to !@#$%!! change that clock at the top of my blog to correspond correctly to Yerushalayim time (theywon't go to sha'ot ha-kayitz until the last Friday before April 2nd) is…

oops - left someone out in last post...

In my previous post I began a Caption Contest for phive (5) phamily photos. Unfortunately, I inadvertently left one out, and to avoid being vilified for favoritism (or just plain forgetfulness) by said family member, I am adding it to this post (see photo at right.).
Meanwhile, I only see one (1) comment with caption suggestions, so as they say, DON'T ALL VOLUNTEER AT ONCE (I actually received another suggestion, but it was sent to the wrong place, so I'm waiting for it to be posted here in "comments" in order to consider it.).
So, scroll down to my previous post, and go for it! And please include this pic in your entries.

okay, so I'm a little late for Purim; so?

My Purim was wonderful, considering I was here and kids were there(you know where I mean.). But because of all the preparations, hard work--hey, I actually had to watch while my husband stood for six hours over a hot stove with a huge pot of boiling 375 degree oil, making our Famous Fried Purim Stars. Do you even know how difficult that is? watching, I mean--
and lack of time I wasn't able to post before Purim, so I am posting after. Which is even better because I have some photos to show you (of my crazy family, bet you didn't have a clue they were so gorgeous, baruch Hashem) which mean a lot to me. The family, that is.
This Purim was especially good because my husband and I had an opportunity to help a family (in addition to the mitzvah of matanot le-evyonim) who needed some help, even though it took some time and was out of our way; we are thankful Hashem gave us this opportunity...
I am now going to do a copycat thing here, take a cue from fellow blogger LakewoodVenter (he c…