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Pesach From My Smartphone

Don't know how this will look on the Web, Cause I'm typing this from my smartphone (and  I'm not exactly sure how smart it really is), besides which it is taking me forever to type this out on the tiny keypad. But I rarely post these days because of my job, and now Pesach is upon us, and my grandson and his aunt-my middle daughter, Toodles, are here for the Chag, so I have no time anyway-but I decided, at midnight, that I'd write something, just to confirm that I'm still around. I sorely miss blogging. Suffice it to say for now, that I am having a wonderful chag so far (ptu, ptu, ptu), not having seen my daughter since Rosh Hashanah  and my grandson since last July. This post is experimental, though, so I'll stop here because of the lateness of the hour. Hopefully will post before Pesach ends and I return to my daily grind of exhaustion, running after two year olds. Hope your chag (or holiday) is going well , too.

Great Speech at Chabad Event by New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker

In a Dvar Torah (word of Torah, a Torah lesson) delivered in February to a Chabad group in Greenwich, Mr. Booker states that we have to stand up and announce our Jewishness: we need to be a "Light Unto the Nations," as the outreach organization, Chabad/Lubavitch, already does.  All of us have to do this; we need to show the strength of our convictions publicly, and not hide from our Jewish mission.  So it should be with Israel: be a light unto the nations.  Stand up for what is right.  More power to Cory Booker!

(thanks to Arlene Kushner for alerting me to this video)

Glenn Beck Gets it Right: Whom are we Supporting in the Middle East?

Haven't blogged in two weeks, so it's time.  Here, Glenn Beck states outright what I have been trying to beat you guys over the head with for years.  I am losing my patience, and my politeness.  For all his foibles, Beck has the courage (or the chutzpah) to say it loud and clear (yes, I know it's an adverb, but "loudly and clearly" just doesn't cut it).  All reasonable, intelligent, informed people should be standing with Israel against the radical Islamists and Islam.