Lone voice in the wilderness

Some of you might have already seen this widely circulated video of the discussion on Al Jazeera with Wafa Sultan and Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouli on the Clash of Civilizations theory of Samuel Huntington.
In light of the biased so-called 'news reports' and the partial-and-mis -information (e.g., Kofi Anan implying that Israel 'delibirately targeted' the UN observers) which is being bandied around by the mainstream media, I consider this video - which very plainly states the horrific behaviors perpetrated in the name of the Muslim religion for decades - very relevant today. Click on the title link to see and hear a lone voice in the wilderness (Hat Tip to my friend Ruti in the Golan for pointing this out to me.)


How did those clever Hezbollah
ever sneak those 13,000 Rockets
past the 2,000 UN Observers?

How did they build all of the
well-stocked Bunkers for Hassan's
fighters, and their Iranian Field

Do you think they may have been
paid off? Surely not. Most of
the world is trusting the U.N.
to somehow provide Security.

Whatever! Not Even. Later, Dude.

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How do I get my blogsite
to an Israeli Weblog?

Those valiant people
need to know that some
Americans are doing their
best to inform the youth,
and their SportsFan Daddies!

Some of our "Baby-Boomers"
don't have a clue, or they
have been Conned by Political
Propaganda from George Soros
and Hollywood. reb


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