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I would like to share with you some correspondence from a friend up in the Golan. He expresses what I am hearing from other friends of mine in Haifa and in Tzfat. Our Israeli friends and family want to know that we are with them at this perilous time. If any of you would like to express your feelings of support and comfort, please comment or email me and I might post your letter. Here is their address:

Israel on and off the beaten path
Yehuda Geller Israel tour guide
ygtoursHispin 6Ramat Hagolan 12920Israel
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Israel on and off the beaten path

To all of my friends,
This is a very difficult time for Israel. Our soldiers have been kidnapped by Arab terrorists. Our cities and villages are being bombarded and civilians and soldiers have been killed, on the battlefields and at home. We hear the explosions of our tanks and cannon retaliating and at the same time we hear the wail of air raid sirens and warning blasts.
The people of Israel are very strong and very brave. With hashem's help we will persevere until the enemy has been destroyed and security and peace return to our land.
Please pray for the people of Israel, for our soldiers, for our wounded.
When this war passes over we will rebuild the damaged places and we will have a renewed faith in our eternity, our courage and our belief in hashem.

Please write, your words give us comfort.



Jack's Shack said…
Be comforted in the knowledge that though we may not be there the Jews of the world are concerned about your welfare.

We stand next to you in spirit, if not in person.

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