How Did Yaakov Prepare for War with Esav?

He prepared gifts for his brother (we tried appeasement: Oslo Accords, Wye River Memorandum, Camp David, Road Map, the hitnatkut from Gaza), he divided his camp and prepared to fight (we are now fighting on two fronts), and he prayed to Hashem (see our "Holy Jewish Soldiers"...Hat Tip for the photo to my friend Chana in Tzfat).
May Good triumph over evil, and may Hashem protect all of Israel.


the sabra said…
ahh after i posted this pic i immediately thought of yaakov and esav and our situation now...(but i never edit nuttin so i couldnt change it)
Anonymous said…
May HaSHem fight for Israel.
Lady-Light said…
'nuff said; AMEN.

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