the TRUTH about the MYTHS - would the world be better off without Israel (G-d Forbid)?

It's about time for a post, don't you think? Couldn't come at a better time, seeing that Israel is finally hitting back hard at her enemies who have all but declared war on her. For those of you who have had your heads in paper bags for the last couple of weeks, Israel is fighting for her life on two fronts, the south, in Gaza (Aza - why the 'g', I have no clue), and the north, in Lebanon. This is because, in both areas, Hamas & Hezbollah (financially & otherwise supported by Damascus and Teheran) attacked, sent Kassam and Katyusha rockets into Israeli cities targeting, wounding and murdering civilians, and kidnapped soldiers. All this this a major offensive and is tantamount to a declaration of war on Israel.
That given, I commend President Bush for supporting Israel's right to defend itself. However, where does Condi Rice get the nerve to request that Israel use restraint? Would the US use 'restraint' if attacked by Mexico?? I think not; it would retaliate and re-annex it to TEXAS, for god's sake. When was the last time Rice or anybody else in this government had to rush their children into bomb shelters for the umpteenth time?!
I am appalled at the way the world, and elements in the United States as well, look upon Israel and the situation it's in, maligning and blaming the tiny Jewish State for all the ills in the Middle East, and absolving the Arabs of all culpability.
Please, do yourselves a favor and read the linked article (it takes a few short seconds to register) by Josef Joffe. Open your eyes, get your heads out of those paper bags and see the TRUTH.
As the old saying goes, if the Arabs put down their weapons, there would be peace. If Israel put down its weapons, it would be annihilated.
May Hashem protect Israel and the Jewish people .
Shabbat Shalom.


Rama said…
Let me start off by saying that I am not anti-Israel, anti-semitic or anti-judaism. What I am is a Tutsi, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide of 1994. The history of the Tutsi people of Eastern Africa has repeatedly been compared to that of the Jews. Similar stories of struggle, persecution, and fight for a homeland.

I say this to underline that I am emotionally very sympathetic to Israel. But rationnally, I cannot understand what the State of Israel is doing. It is not logical for a people that has suffered so much to be so completely blind to other people's suffering. I am not "absolving the Arabs of all culpability". I realize that there are some nasty heartless narrow-minded idiots among the Arabs. But answering their stupidity with stupidity will only breed more stupidity. And more bloodshed.

And how would that help Israel? or America? Or the little country called Rwanda...Or the world for that matter?
I would welcome a discussion with you, if you are open to it:
Lady-Light said…
Rama, thank you for visiting and commenting in such a rational, respectful manner. It is much appreciated, and yes, I am very open to discussing this situation with you. Let me just say that Israel is fighting for her life, surrounded by many Arab nations who only want to annihilate her and by a world which is generally hostile to unsupportive, (except for the United States). Israel stands, as she always has, basically alone. I will email you.
kasamba said…
I missed your voice of reason!

Great post!
Lady-Light said…
Kasamba! Good to hear from you! I never thought of myself as a 'voice of reason'. I always show my emotion on my sleeve, so they say...and this is a subject I am VERY emotional about.

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