yalla ya Nasrallah - song from Israel

Okay,okay- I know it's during the nine days and we're not supposed to listen to music, but this is WAR, and if this little piece inspires Tzahal and builds morale, then it will help us WIN and turn Tisha b'Av into the joyous chag it is going to be b'aharit ha-yamim when Moshiach is here. Besides, it's in lishon ha-kodesh (give or take a coupla words...)
[Hat Tip: The Bagel Blogger and several others; no time to link them now--it's erev Shabbat, so Shabbat Shalom!]


jewishmom said…
Lady Light - i disagree! war is the worst time to let down our mitzvah guard. we need tzahal to help us bring light into the world - but that doeesn't mean that we can stop bringing the light ourselves - those who mourn for jerusalem will merit to see her comforted.
Lady-Light said…
jewishmom, I do understand what you are saying. I don't believe we are letting down our 'mitzvah guard', as you put it. We are still mourning for Yerushalayim, at the same time as girding ourselves for battle, as did Ya'akov Avinu (see previous post of 19 July). I just participated, as much as I could being thousands of miles away, in the worldwide tefilah session held at the Kotel. Our boys are praying and fighting to protect all of us.
May Hashem protect us and bring the geulah.
Lakewood Venter said…
Awesome video! I received this from a friend via email, and I forwarded it to my entire list of friends!
Lady-Light said…
yep - catchy, isn't it?
Lady-Light said…
You want an interesting video? Scroll up to my post of August 2nd.
The entire world should see this one.

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