Israel needs our help NOW!

Dear readers,
Click on the title link to see our brave sons and brothers saying Tefilat Haderekh in their tanks! We need you more than ever now! Here is the next letter from my friends in the Golan. Please, please open your arms and your pocket books and GIVE GENEROUSLY!
To get more of a sense of the מצב רוח of the people, especially in the north, please also scroll down to read my previous post.
Thank you, and may Hashem bless you and Am Yisrael.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you and my friends in the USA while the bombs are falling and our reserves are moving north by the thousands. We, thank G-d are unharmed, but around us and north of us there is tremendous destruction and uncertainty. Families are in bomb shelters most of the day and everything has come to a stop. I am sure your tfilot and tehillim and thoughts are directed to the people of Israel.
I am sending you the address of a fund which is supplying hot meals for the families throughout the north (especially Tsafat) and toys and games for the kids. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Please pass this request on to your friends, kehilla, etc.

Lavi takes credit cards, dollar checks cash etc.

If anyone from America needs a tax deduction please make checks to Eizer L'shabbos and send to
Eizer L'Shabbos - Rabbi A.J Rosenberg 1061 54 th st. Brklyn N.Y 11219
PLease let Elisheva know (by e-mail)how much $ you donated so she can coordinate the ammount of meals to send /
We need to get to over 1,'000 meals!!
Let's make this happen!!

People who are interested in helping out can be in contact with Elisheva by email

בצפיה לישועה


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