Pesach 5775/2015: A Retrospective. Again.

I haven't blogged since January 2015, I believe it was. There was a time when I would blog before or during every chag (which means holiday, for my non-Hebrew speaking friends), but a difficult year health and other-wise (more on these, possibly at a later date and blog post) and lack of patience to research subjects which interested me precluded blogging.
But it's erev chag sheni (the eve of the last days of Yom Tov, the holy days of Pesach/Passover) and I revisited my Previous Pesach Posts (note the alliteration; she said wryly) to see what I had written over the years, and decided -- the lazy woman's exit strategy -- to repost the links here, so you can peruse them all over again; that is, if you actually even read them to begin with...

A few points come to mind:
-Pesach cleaning and switching over? Hard?! Understatement of the year. Now, in 2015, with my mobility issues (osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, decrepiting-as-we-speak knee cartilege), nearly impossible without the help of our daughter, who gets BIG Brownie Points for Kibbud Av v'Ehm (honoring one's parents, the 4th Commandment).
-Six-hour Seders? No way, Jose. No energy. This year, 4.5 hours was our longest, I think. The 2nd was even shorter.
-Shmurah matzah? Still love it. Eating a little less of it though; GI tract not as limber,ahem, as in the days of my youth.
-Counting the Omer? Easy squeezy: there's an APP for that. I've downloaded 3 on my SmartPhone (in 2012 my phone was probably still somewhat dumb), plus set an alarm so that I only have to worry about remembering Friday night, and Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night, when the Sabbath ends), especially when it ends later and later in the summer months.

So without further ado, here are Tikkun Olam's Previous Pesach Posts. Enjoy, and pass them on!

Signing off with "Mo'adim le-Simcha," (-you Israelis know the response to that), and have a wonderful Yom Tov/end of chag!


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