'Daylight Savings Crime'. . .!

(I know, I know; lately I'm behind in everything; this topic is a bit old...)
I am not ready for Daylight Saving Time.* It's not supposed to start until Pesach, for gosh sakes. And even then, I'm not ready for it. I don't believe it saves much energy, if at all. Did anybody even figure in the amount of electricity used in the early morning, when it's dark--and add those numbers into the equation? I mean, here you are, getting up when it's pitch black outside, feeling your way around the bathroom and closet, hoping you'll (ahem) 'hit the mark', and then not end up (horrors) wearing the green and orange polka-dotted shirt with the blue and brown plaid skirt (didn't mention pants, 'cause nobody wears blue and brown plaid pants.)
And another thing, the thought of having to !@#$%!! change that clock at the top of my blog to correspond correctly to Yerushalayim time (they won't go to sha'ot ha-kayitz until the last Friday before April 2nd) is giving technologically-impaired me a headache. I had oodles of trouble fixing it the last time, when we went off daylight saving time in the fall...er...wait a minute, I didn't change it in the fall, did I? Drat. That means I'm still going to have to change it when Israel goes on just before Pesach. Or will I...? (Like I have nothing else to think about at this time, right? )
I can think of only one good thing that has happened because of Daylight Saving Time, which I discovered right here:

*Bombing Thwarted
In September 1999, the West Bank was on Daylight Saving Time while Israel had just switched back to standard time. West Bank terrorists prepared time bombs and smuggled them to their Israeli counterparts, who misunderstood the time on the bombs. As the bombs were being planted, they exploded—one hour too early—killing three terrorists instead of the intended victims—two busloads of people

So maybe there was a reason for it after all...

(*see correct spelling at http://webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/b.html, and the quote is from here: http://webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/k.html.)

(p.s. -I've decided, since it's 'the season,' to honor the winners of the Caption Contest in my previous posts by giving "chai" amount of Tzedakah towards ma'ot chittim, to be distributed appropriately by the Chabad where I daven; so, in your 'spare time' while cleaning for Pesach, just keep them captions a-comin'!)


Anonymous said…
I came to your blog through a search of "tikkun olam" and felt connected, somehow. My name is Sarah, and my e-mail is emt6179@hotmail.com
I was watching Bee Season, which I saw is on your movies list. It got me thinking about Tikkun Olam. I thought it meant helping people, volunteering at an old age home, or cleaning a park. But I learned that it means "fixing whats been broken". Even if it is myself. I thought you might like that.
Lady-Light said…
Sarah: Welcome! Actually, Bee Season was on my book list-the movie I only saw recently, and it was just "o.k." To get the real impact, you should read the book, which is outstanding. You are not wrong in your original idea of Tikkun Olam. One 'fixes what's been broken' in the world ("repairing the world") by doing exactly what you mentioned; 'mitzvah' activities such as helping people, volunteering with the elderly,etc. And of course, one can start with oneself;sometimes, however, by actually doing and helping others, one's own self-repairing quietly begins...
why don't you try submitting a caption for one or more of the photos on my two previous posts? It would be a small tikkun in contributing to more tzedakah, or charity...
btw - are you an emergency medical technician (your email, "emt...")?
Hi nice to see ya cute post and cute play on words for the title of the post.
Lady-Light said…
SWFM: Sorry I didn't respond sooner! Thanks for the comment. I wish the title pun was mine, but it isn't; it's the author of that blog on the subject of daylight saving time. Clever, no?

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