temporarily closed due to Pesach cleaning...

First, I hope you clicked on the title link in my last post; it went to a blog on Telecomweb about daylight saving time (the title pun was that writer's, not mine!).
In (click on link here:) more pressing matters, because I put off cleaning for Pesach until today, I am in a panic, since my original 'plan' was to be pesachdike by Shabbat Hagadol. Don't know if that will happen now. I thought it would be easier with the kids not home, and maybe it is, to a degree: they're not here to mess things up! But on the other hand, I've been using my daughter Toodles' room as an office, with my computer, a new computer desk, with two sets of those new plastic file drawers on either side of it. And, worse--I confess--I've been eating at my computer (shh-hh-don't tell anyone.). So it's not the kids' mess I have to clean up, but my own. And they are not here to help me, to boot. It's just my husband and I by our little lonesomes, to do all the work, including carry up our Pesach cabinets a flight of stairs from the utility/laundry room to the kitchen (they are tall, multi-shelved pvc cabinets, which we have to empty first in order to bring them up the stairs.)
So because of this, I probably will not post until chol hamo'ed or after-unless by some miracle I'm done with all preparations by mid-week.
Then again, another miracle could happen-we win the lottery jackpot, and last-minute, fly to Israel for Pesach. No, huh. . .
I have also decided on winners for my Purim caption contest: my friend 'anonymous,' natan, and Toodles, for the funniest captions! Thank you for participating and helping contribute to ma'ot chitim.
To all, a chag kasher ve-sameach!


Have a gutten yom tov.
Lady-Light said…
SWFM: Thank you-to you & your little one as well! Come back! I added an autobiographical video to this post!
muse said…
I just saw the comment about teaching english in Israel. writea again after Pesach, please!
Lady-Light said…
muse: Please email me,or I'll forget!(Pesach kasher ve-sameach.)

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