oops - left someone out in last post...

In my previous post I began a Caption Contest for phive (5) phamily photos. Unfortunately, I inadvertently left one out, and to avoid being vilified for favoritism (or just plain forgetfulness) by said family member, I am adding it to this post (see photo at right.).
Meanwhile, I only see one (1) comment with caption suggestions, so as they say, DON'T ALL VOLUNTEER AT ONCE (I actually received another suggestion, but it was sent to the wrong place, so I'm waiting for it to be posted here in "comments" in order to consider it.).
So, scroll down to my previous post, and go for it! And please include this pic in your entries.

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Anonymous said…
The cat: "All dressed up and nowhere to go!"
triLcat said…
The Cat: "I am NOT Poofy!"
(see http://giveadogablog.blogspot.com )

Hey. You stopped and left a message for me on my blog, but you didn't leave an email address.
You can email me at LeahGabrielle (at) gmail
(and of course, there's a dot com somewhere in there.)
You can also read my mom's blog www.drsavta.com . She's an empty-nester living in Modiin.

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