That Piercing, Poignant, Perturbing Pesach Question is Answered (in Japanese, no less!)

I have no time! I have no time! We've kashered the kitchen (I made it!) and will be eating food on Pesachdike dishes cooked in Pesachdike pots this Shabbat Hagadol. But Toodles' room which I use as an office is not yet ready--I am now in the process of sorting, organizing, filing, and shredding my mess. Then I have to do the furniture and vacuum, and clean the bathrooms, etc. So I really don't have time to post, but I got this video and it was so cute I couldn't resist (I don't know why the pic is not visible, but as far as I am aware, the link works-just click in the center.) Just think: Our lives are so much more meaningful after having the answer to this question:


Have a Happy Pesach..
Elie said…
Wow, you were early! We never have the kitchen fully turned over until shortly before bedikah. If then.
Lady-Light said…
David_etc.: I thought so; the Japanese must have thought so, as well...Happy Pesach to you, too!
Elie: This is the first year in a very long while that we were able to be Pesachdike so many days before the start of the chag; generally, it's exactly the way you said-barely make it in time for bedikat hametz. Don't know what got into me...hope you had wonderful sedarim.

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