okay, so I'm a little late for Purim; so?

My Purim was wonderful, considering I was here and kids were there(you know where I mean.). But because of all the preparations, hard work--hey, I actually had to watch while my husband stood for six hours over a hot stove with a huge pot of boiling 375 degree oil, making our Famous Fried Purim Stars. Do you even know how difficult that is? watching, I mean--
and lack of time I wasn't able to post before Purim, so I am posting after. Which is even better because I have some photos to show you (of my crazy family, bet you didn't have a clue they were so gorgeous, baruch Hashem) which mean a lot to me. The family, that is.

This Purim was especially good because my husband and I had an opportunity to help a family (in addition to the mitzvah of matanot le-evyonim) who needed some help, even though it took some time and was out of our way; we are thankful Hashem gave us this opportunity...
I am now going to do a copycat thing here, take a cue from fellow blogger
LakewoodVenter (he can't complain, 'cause I'm linking his blog) and start a CAPTION CONTEST for these pics for a prize of, eh, Two Free Tickets to Israel for Pesach. Not. Hey, I'll decide later. Just think of a caption, will you? Funniest one wins. Good luck!
Oh, by the way, in case you were wondering -- the "SD" in the weirdo's outfit stands for "Super Dude."


Anonymous said…
pic #1: derrrr, ma' flying throttles is attached to ma' undies...

pic #2: Good evening madam, would you be so kind as to fix my bow tie since my thumbs are quite unopposable.

pic #3: Yo yo yo, we da clowns from da hood and we lookin' good, so ya betta' watch out or we' gonna learn to rhyme... yo yo yo.

pic #4: If you clowns don't shut up you're gonna get it!

pic #5: Shhh, quiet, don't tell the clowns that I'm not as scary as my shadow!
Toodles said…
#1: Durr, I fink I hads me a toofbrush once time yesterdee.

#2:Where the shnitz did I put my jacket and shoes?

#3: Oh, we may look like your average friendly clown, but we will karate chop shnitzl you later! HAYA!

#4: Where is Peter Pan when you need him?

#5:Phew, good thing the picture stops ABOVE my diaper! I'm not an angel down there!

#6 (added shadow): WaWaWaWaWa! All fear Chief Pine Pants!
Anonymous said…
Holy moly!! Am I a cat?

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