Newsflash: Facebook Replaces Blogging (Almost!)

I have not blogged since September 9th.  Two posts in one month.  In August, I posted twice; in July, twice or three times (-not even checking to make sure my numbers are correct. Go ahead, check it yourself).  In analyzing why this is happening, I think it's all Facebook's fault.  Instead of posting about my life, subjects important to me, people I care about, daily activities--on my own blog, I do it by commenting on my and others' pages and updating my status on Facebook! What has this world come to? 

I've commented to certain friends on the concern in Israel vis a vis its Arab neighbors, most recently and more specifically,Syria and its terrible civil strife. I've commented on the holidays--our most important chagim, which this year were a veritable marathon, with a three-day Yom Tov (holy day) leading into Shabbat, starting from the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana--through this past week with the holiday of Sukkot.  I've written about my daughter having been here visiting for three weeks, only eight months after she was here for an entire month in November.  She is now on the speaker circuit for the Joint Distribution Committee, who generously funded her trips to the States, in order to speak at their and Jewish Federations' conventions, board meetings and retreats across the country.  To date, she has spoken in San Diego, New York, Utah and Chicago, and has attended Federation events in Denver as well.  What does she speak about? She tells her life story, and how she came to be in a wheelchair.  She speaks to encourage awareness of people with disabilities, and to increase support of institutions such as the Centers for Independent Living, who are a lifeline to the disabled, providing them with support, assistance, and encouragement in improving their lives and expanding their horizons.  The work that she is doing (unpaid) will hopefully promote positive changes in the attitudes towards the disabled, and will contribute to cities hopefully improving their physical surroundings, such as adding well-built ramps onto and off sidewalks for the wheelchair-bound and completely handicapped-accessible stores and buldings. 

So here I am, having written about all these and more on Facebook, for gosh sakes, not on my blog where these thoughts belong--with nothing more to write!  So I'll merely end with photos of our sukkah.  And links to my posts of previous years about the holiday of Sukkot here, here and here.  Hope you had a good one!

                                           Building our new, lower, smaller sukkah this year (5774, 2013) after having thrown out our 20+ year sukkah which we had when we still owned our house.

 And we still were able to incorporate my daughter's door-mural from our old sukkah.  Don't remember when she drew this, possibly four years ago?  My D.H. added it on to the fence and thus extended the wall.  He's a groovy builder!

                                Below, sukkah's almost completely decorated, except for the lights

                                            Below, the completed and decorated sukkah.  No kids' decorations this year; didn't have the energy to hang them, except for the colored chain on the back fabric wall, which our friends' kids created several years ago.

 All in all, our 6' friends and taller had a little bit of a problem, as the sukkah was 6'3" maximum height. They had to watch their heads before stepping down from the kitchen into the sukkah, and basically stand between the beams.  I'm glad to say, all enjoyed themselves, and if anything, I like this sukkah as much if not more than our old one (see my links to previous Sukkot posts, complete with photos), because although it's smaller and lower, it's cosier.  So what if we can fit only 10 people maximum?  Or was it nine...


Batya said…
I must admit that I'm one of your fb friends, but I do enjoy your blog posts.
Lady-Light said…
Batya! You are sooooo kind! Thanks for not giving up on me...

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