Sukkot 5770: a Holy Time

What a wonderful Sukkot is has been. We worked so hard in preparations before the chag, which paid off and culminated in davening with great kavanah and meaningful, happy festive meals in our Sukkah with good friends and acquaintences.
Our sukkah was especially "HOLEY" this year: as my husband and friend (thank you, Y.) took the plywood boards apart they discovered yet another 'squirrel hole' (see photo)filled with fluff as padding, which my husband discarded. That made hole number three, second largest in size to the two we found last year. As we did last year, we covered the biggest, longest jagged hole with a picture of the Gedolim. We covered the small one with a creatively-done yellow paper chicken with a moveable head representing kapparot that was made years ago by my youngest (which of course explains why she is in Officer Training Course today. Such talent.).

To cover the newest and largest hole, we were racking our brains when I came up with the picture of Kever Rachel, one of four pictures we have depicting various areas in Israel that are holy to the Jewish people. It was amazing, how the light shone through the hole, lighting up Kever Rachel from behind, as if G-d was saying to us, "ve-shavu banim li-gvulam," and the sons will return to their borders. . .


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