Too Many Subjects, So Little Time...

This has happened to me before, and I even wrote about it, sort of, here.  There are too many subjects in which I am interested (-am I good? I didn't even end my sentence with a preposition!), and I come home from work--it being part-time notwithstanding--exhausted.  Too exhausted to sit in front of the PC and read, research and write much of anything.

Actually, I've begun doing what the babies for whom I care do, but they do it in the morning: taking an afternoon snooze, around 4 p.m.  I get home from work around 3, give or take a half hour or so, depending on whether or not I stop along the way to do errands.  I manage to stay awake on the highway for 15.5 miles on the trip home (yes, I commute to work, approximately 31 miles a day round trip).  Then, a few minutes after I open the door and bring in my bag of stuff (don't ask me what this stuff is; I rarely if ever need any of it while at work. But I still bring that bag), it hits me: intense tiredness, and my eyelids begin to droop.  Sometimes I try to fight it, but lately I have been giving in--such as today--and it works!  I feel renewed after, even a really, really short nap, like today's 19 minute one.

So here I am, finally, at my PC.  Trying to find something to write about.  It's funny about that.  There are dozens, and I mean dozens--of stories which are engaging, and enraging.  And everything in between.  An example of the former is a blog post by my friend at SJS, at the Sustainable Jewish Schooling blog, which tells just one little story of many of the wonderful life-living-and-learning trips on which she takes her home schooled children.  Don't ever tell me that home schooled children lack knowledge or 'socialization' skills.  These children meet and/or exceed their peers in their grade-level knowledge, and in addition they have among the highest values and ethics of any child I have seen (and as a teacher on-and-off for many years, I have seen many), as well as a respect and appreciation for their elders not evident in most kids today.
Another example of a story full of chesed* and Tikkun Olam, the title of this blog (meaning "repairing the world") can be seen in Israel's development of an improved medical technological device by Galil Medical called IceSense3 used to freeze breast tumors, which has implications for effective, less-invasive treatments of other cancers as well.

Unfortunately, there are too many examples of the latter--enraging--from reiterating the Big Lie of the so-called "West Bank" --not ancient, not ever part of a sovereign state named "Palestine" (which has never actually existed, ever)--only as old as the State of Israel, actually, created by Jordan--formerly TRANSJordan, so-named because it was created on the east side of the river Jordan only.
Or the IOC admitting that Muslim countries blocked the one-minute-of-silence for the murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 proposed by Ankie Spitzer, the widow of one of the slain Israeli athletes, who stated that:
...the Olympics [is] “a corrupt organization, led by greed rather than the Olympic spirit." She added, “The IOC’s refusal is pure discrimination – greed and anti-Semitism.”
So much for a review of 'engaging and enraging'.  In between, our 9 year old granddaughter recently left after a 2+ week visit to us, her Saba and Savta, here in Colorado-- for which my D.H., the definitive expert in creating a looz* --packed in a tight schedule of daily trips and activities, including a 3-day excursion to Rocky Mountain National Park (ya gotta visit). We miss her...

Truth be told, I'm bushed.  Getting older, and starting to feel it.  But, it's ok, 'cause just now I managed to post to my blog, only eighteen days after my last post.  Good. Grief.

Below are a few photos taken during the fireworks after the Colorado Rapids soccer team lost to the Vancouver Whitecaps (1 nothing), including two of our lovely granddaughter.

*chesed: loving-kindness
*looz: "lu'ach zemanim," or 'schedule,' in English


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