This is Getting Harder (Nablopomo, day #13)

There are still plenty of topics and subjects to write about, politically and culturally speaking, but I think I am experiencing TMI - 'too much information.' Have you ever had that problem? I've just spent the last several hours reading the Opinion and Op-Ed pages in the Wall Street Journal as well as different articles on the web (what they used to call 'surfing the 'net), and there are so many which interest me, that I can't make a decision as to what to write about!

Let me give you an example or two. I couldn't decide whether to write about

1) Jews and Israel sending aid to the stricken Island of Haiti after the 7.0 earthquake which devastated it yesterday; does the world have a clue how much that little country of Israel--herself besieged and surrounded by enemies--does in sending disaster relief all over the world? Read about it also here.


2) Jewish woman flees to freedom with her four children from Gaza; does anyone have any idea what kind of duplicity is used by these Arabs to fool Jewish girls into marrying them, and what abuse and control they suffer in their authoritarian marriages?

Or of course, the really important stuff, like:

3) Voting for me, "@LadyLight," on the Twitter-user "Shorty Awards"----in the #other category (-because they don't have a "writing" one yet) and saying why ("'cause she sure can write?")

And, last but not least:

4) The Voca People have a new media clip, here (and they don't even pay me for this).

So that's it; couldn't decide what to write about. So I didn't.


Batya said…
Why don't you visit a few blogs, some new to you and some not new (like mine) and write about some posts you've read, linking them of course and make points and friends in the blog world.
Norma said…
If I joined this, I probably couldn't think of anything either--but as it is, have no problem with 4 or 5 a day! Keep up the good work.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Isn't that just what I've been doing? (Are you chastising me again?)

Norma: Nice to see you! When I sit at the computer for hours (which is, unfortunately, most of the time these days), I still have trouble getting out more than one post. You are extremely prolific, me, not so much. . .

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