Israel Sending Humanitarian Aid to Others--Again

Israel, tiny in land mass but huge in ethics and morality, is again in the forefront of nations sending aid to stricken countries in need of help.  Most recently to Haiti after its devastating earthquake in 2010 and now, to Japan, after the magnitude 8.9 quake and tsunami which hit northern Japan today and rolled across the Pacific. 
Haaretz, a major Israeli daily newspaper, reported that a ZAKA international rescue team will fly out to Japan after the end of Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, to help in search and rescue efforts to save as many lives as possible.  They will be joined by the ZAKA team based in Hong Kong, after the end of Shabbat in their region.
ZAKA is a volunteer, humanitarian organization in Israel known for its rescue work after terrorist attacks and disasters in Israel. It is also recognized by the United Nations.

I wrote about the Israeli rescue team in Haiti in several places on this blog, after it was shown to have one of the most medically advanced and efficient field hospitals there, even surpassing the U. S.'s efforts. Bet you won't hear about it on. . . NPR!


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