More on Israeli Efficiency and Chesed*

By now most of you have probably seen or heard of the full-functioning, efficient Israeli field hospital run by the IDF in Haiti, leaving the other nations which sent rescue teams (including the United States's) behind in the dust.

I first saw the video below on A Soldier's Mother and Arlene From Israel. It is now all over the blogosphere (especially the JBlogosphere), but I am reproducing it here specifically for my readers, many of whom are not that familiar with Jewish blogging or blogging in general.

It is a sight to see: CNN, no lover of Israel, praising her for speedily setting up a full-functioning, efficient hospital capable of medical imaging and surgery.
What's in it for Israel, you might ask? First of all, would you ask that of the United States in its humanitarian efforts? All countries should be held by the same standard. However, if that question were asked, hypothetically, the answer would be: what's "in it" for Israel is doing good and saving lives. This willingness to speedily do good we call in Hebrew "zerizut."*

I am reproducing a portion of Arlene's post on this subject. Visit her site for an update--there is even more news about the Israeli hospital. Read her words, and then view the incredible video clip below.

I had also written yesterday that I had it from a reliable source, but could not absolutely confirm, that Israel was the only nation that had a field hospital in Haiti. Almost correct, but not quite. There apparently are some other hospitals set up, but they are meager facilities. (Improvement is expected, but up to this point, the US showing is pathetic; it's appropriate to ask why.)
Israel's hospital was the first, and is the largest; most significantly, it is the only one equipped with proper surgical facilities and life-saving equipment. It's a serious place. Dying patients from other places are being transferred to the Israeli hospital. Additional medical staff and supplies are on their way to Haiti from Israel today.
See the video clip below from CNN. Can you believe? CNN praising Israel! We have to be damn good to receive such accolades. I would recommend simply sharing this clip with others. It says it all.

*chesed: lovingkindness/also the root of the word "chassidic" or "hassidic," which also means fervent piousness and devotion.
*zerizut: alacrity

*(nablopomo day#20)


Batya said…
I also have it posted
among others.
Lady-Light said…
Batya, Yes this was so revealing of Israel's good-doing, that everyone (or almost everyone) in the JBlogosphere is talking about it.

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