Newsflash: ANNEX All Captured Land. EXPEL All Non-Israeli Arabs

It is time for the "Palestinians" to GO. Now, after this horrific bestial attack by Palestinians who slaughtered almost an entire Jewish, religious family on the Jewish Sabbath, including parents and children from age 11 down to a three month old baby, by stabbing and slashing throats while most of them were sleeping.  

 It is time we took the stand we needed to take in 1967 and annex all the land captured from these animals, and expel them all. I don't give a damn where they go. Libya or Somalia.  Or drive them into the sea. This is not a people with whom to create a state, for G-d's sake.  This is not an entity with which to negotiate.  It is a vicious dog to put out of it's misery.  Our misery. Just kill it.
My post of March 8th stands.  Annex all "territories" into Greater Israel.  Expel the enemy within.

Do you have the guts to see what these animals did? These photos were released by the family, in order that the world should see what Muslim terrorists do to Jews, adults and children alike--simply because they are Jews.  And don't worry, world--you'll be next.

Palestinian reaction? They gave out candy in Gaza.  Read more about it here.

The slogan "Never Again" hasn't worked, because we haven't backed it up with action.

אם לא עכשו, אימתי?*

Just saw  Daled Amos' post on this cowardly massacre, and it is worth reading.  So I am adding it here.

*if not now, when? -Rabbi Hillel


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