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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Jewish Blog Carnivalia

So here's another thing that has nothing to do with the price of noodles, but is all about noodles: check out the latest KCC, Kosher Cooking Carnival, at MiriYummy's-how apropos. And did I ever send you a notice of the latest Havel Havalim? Probably not, as I was pre-occupied with...everything else going on in my life.  So here it is, HH #306, at Frume Sarah's.

Ok. Yatzati li'dei hovah (Google it.).  I can go to sleep now.

(this is not a real post.  if you want to read a real post, scroll down to the previous one.  that's a real post.)

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1 comment:

miriyummy said...

Thanks for the plug!

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