The Islam You Want to Tolerate So Generously--Won't Tolerate YOU

Thank you to Arlene Kushner for sending the link to this video.  I have written about Wafa Sultan before, way back in 2006, here.  This religion is what the liberal fools of the world want to tolerate, and they call anyone who speaks his or her mind expressing fear of someone in Muslim garb--case in point: Juan Williams, subsequently fired from NPR radio-- a "bigot." More power to brave people such as Geert Wilders and Wafa Sultan.  May they enlighten us all, before it's too late.


Anonymous said…
I was under the impression that wafa sultan is a disinformation artist. However, I don't know that to be true anymore than I know it to be false. In other words, use caution when believing anything a 'sponsored' personality says.

I'm not sponsored by anybody nor anything. Just a little person.
Anonymous said…
Was mistaken. Had the name mixed. Was shasha faal I was thinking of. Not wafa.
Lady-Light said…
Anon: There is no question about where Wafa Sultan's sentiments lie.

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