A Social Shabbat

(nablopomo day 24)

I am posting today for yesterday, which was Shabbat, and which I explained in a previous post, here--why it is difficult for me to post Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month) daily, for Shabbat, as I am not permitted, as an observant Jew, to use electrical devices or even write or type on the Sabbath, as they are mundane, workaday devices and activities and also related to the prohibition of creating fire (or a spark) on this day.

Saturday night I was too exhausted to post, because we had a very full, "social" day yesterday.  It started Friday night with a lovely first festive meal outside in the beautiful, cooler night air, a joint seudah with our friends and neighbors, right in front of their front door, on the grass.  It was wonderful (although their young daughter didn't agree with her parents about what time is bedtime.  So she stayed up, first with us; and then, just UP).

During the day, after davening (praying in synagogue, for you uninitiated) we had our second Shabbat meal (--late--my D.H. returned home from shul at 2:30 p.m.!!) and then the 'birthday party' began: our neighbor's (same one) four-year old had turned five, on Shabbat--so they brought out a festive table with all sorts of goodies, brownies baked before Shabbat, pareve ice cream, candy--while we brought out the healthy stuff, watermelon and canteloupe chunks.  I gorged myself on. . . candy.  Which I never do. Really.  All the candy and ice cream and brownies disappeared in a flash; only our watermelon was left!

There were at least five families gathered around, their children playing on the grass in the greenbelt which our townhomes and buildings surround--it really is a unique setting--and adults sitting on our and our neighbors' lawn chairs and settees, noshing and drinking (we only had the good stuff to drink: H2O in a big pitcher) and conversing. Then a sixth and seventh family walked over, both who live outside our complex, in their own homes--and we had a sort of reunion.  It was just lovely, relaxed and calm and enjoying each other's company.

I will miss this, when we leave.


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