Oops, First Time THAT Ever Happened!

(nablopomo for day 5!! a little late...)

This never happened to me before.  I am beside myself.  I committed a. . . terrible crime!  What is this life-changing event? I missed. . . ONE DAY on Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month, when you are supposed to post every day)!!!  I didn't post yesterday--but I have a good excuse; do you want to hear it? Okay.  It was Shabbat, my Holy Sabbath.  On Shabbat, we are not permitted to use electricity (we set our lights on Friday), nor cook, do any manner of work, and that includes BLOGGING!!  We do not touch computers or any electronic devices.  My cellphone sits there near my night table, happily charging away for twenty-five hours until Shabbat is over. 

My intention was to blog after Shabbat ended, but. . . it ended so late: 9:13 p.m. here, to be exact--that I was so-oooooo tired, that I forgot!  I never even went to Mr. HaMachshev (my PC), but just prepared to go to bed!  And just to show you that I am serious--I really forgot everything--I never even disconnected my phone motzai Shabbat (Saturday night), which I usually do.  I just left it there, charging overnight!

So  because of this, I exonerate myself, and am continuing with Nablopomo, and doing two posts today, one for last night!


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