Another Jew comes Back to Tradition

Many non-Jews are converting to Judaism these days, as are Jews who are returning to their religious roots. I wrote about Yisrael Campbell (the former), here. An example of the latter is found in Moran Sabbah, who found her Judaism after beginning on a rock-star career (hat-tip Shoshana Z.)
As seen on, she writes:
I had a vision.

I was a fifteen-year-old holding an old Spanish acoustic guitar, as I strummed the chords. I closed my eyes and imagined myself performing on a grand stage. The crowd was cheering for me, as photographers snapped my pictures. I opened my eyes. "I'm going to be a rock star!" I knew this was my life's mission, and so, at the age of fifteen I embarked on my journey, never looking back.

What is interesting is that she continued her career after becoming frum,* albeit adjusting it to performing for women only. This way, she developed her G-d given talent and channeled it to conform with Torah values.

*frum: religious (Jewishly)


Batya said…
I'm glad that those coming, from whatever direction, to Torah Judaism are now encouraged to develop, rather than suppress their talents.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Agreed. There was a time when artistic talent was not appreciated in Orthodox Judaism. These days, I believe it's appreciated to a greater extent...

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