A Comedic "Cut-Up" Worth Seeing

A very funny comedian currently featuring a one-hour show in New York has recently come on the scene. Born Chris Campbell, now Yisrael Campbell and living in Israel, the former lapsed Catholic and teenage alcoholic druggie who converted three times to Judaism (Hassidic in his final incarnation), is getting big laughs for his one-man show "Circumcize Me" now at the Bleeker Street Theatre.

The video is long (no pun intended), about 46 minutes, but worth it. This guy is FUNNY (it's all in the delivery), so sit down with a nice, hot cup of chicken soup, and vatch:


RTJ said…
Wow. Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention. No chicken soup, but plenty of laughing...and crying.
Lady-Light said…
RTJ: (You're welcome.) Yes, lots of laughs. His jokes are a little more sophisticated than...chicken soup (which harks back to Catskill days).
Debbie said…
Would've loved to see this, but when I click on it I get a message that the "Documentary Channel, Inc. has decided to block it in your country."
Lady-Light said…
Debbie: I don't get it...is that because they think it would offend...or for anti-Israel reasons? Neither makes sense, as Yisrael Campbell is a Jew who now lives in Israel. Is this link any better?

Debbie said…
Same thing happens. Thanks, anyway. I think it's something that applies to anywhere outside of the U.S.

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