"With Great Pride" (Can't think of a better title)

I wrote about Israel's rescue efforts in Haiti here, but Arlene Kushner expands upon it in her post "With Great Pride" (scroll down to her January 17th post). As Arlene mentions, this might be a 'first' for the Haitians, to see Israeli Jews helping people in need, not because they are "Jewish" and in need, but because they are. . . human beings, and because their G-d--my G-d--to whom we pray, commands us to do so. (Remember, folks, to compare and contrast. . . ).

Go view a video of the Israeli rescue team at work here. This is the best kind of PR Israel can do to market itself in the Third World (and perhaps in the First World, as well): showing how the Jewish Nation is supposed to live, and what a Jew is supposed to be.

Did I mention before that I am proud to be a Jew? Oh. Well, I'm saying it again.


Batya said…
Yes, we're always the first to volunteer, even though quite a few countries tell us to "get lost."
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Lady-Light said…
Batya: the untenable part is that often Israel has to disguise its identity when participating in rescue missions, in order for them not to be denied access because of antisemitism; totally illogical in a civilized world: is there any other country subjected to this insanity?

Vijay: Thank you for visiting (how did you find my blog?)
Your blog is interesting as well; I am going to read the post on the Antarctica ice shelf melting (especially because of the controversy on global warming). -Be happy to link to your blog as well.
Anonymous said…
You know I don't always agree with you but here I totally second your comment. This makes me very proud too!
Lady-Light said…
ilanadavita: Well, thank you; we don't have to always agree (out of curiousity, on what don't you agree?), but I do appreciate your reading my blog (as I do yours).

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