Israel Sends Emergency Aid Team to Haiti

Israel's Magen David Adom is taking part in the international rescue mission and helping the IDF send a 220-man paramedics team to help the Haitians recover from the devastating 7.0 on-the-richter-scale-earthquake which hit and all but destroyed Port-au-Prince, its capital and killing an expected tens-of-thousands.

The team includes dogs from the Israeli Oketz Dog Unit who are trained to find people buried under rubble.

We have a philosophy that "saving one life is like saving the world." I am proud to be a Jew.


There is also an IsrAID team being sent. Those are the same guys that helped with the earthquake in Italy about a year ago.
Lady-Light said…
Charlie: The world rarely if ever acknowledges Israel's global humanitarian help; listening to NPR this morning (and every a.m. since the quake)there was mention of European nations sending aid: Italy, Germany, etc. --not one mention of Israel.
Israel is the giant pink elephant in the room which the world refuses to see for the good; it becomes visible only for the bad.
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