Screwy U.S. Airline Security Measures-Ripe for Satire

Have I written about US airport security measures versus the Israeli ones before, such as maybe here, and here (does the sun come up every morning?)?

Well, unless you live under a rock, you know that it's happened again. A Kentucky bound US Airways Express flight was diverted to Philadelphia, because a 17-year old Jewish teen was, uh, praying on the plane while wearing his tefillin (called phylacteries in English) and a passenger reported him to the flight crew.
Well, but of course--Jews always hijack airplanes, shoot up soldiers and civilians at army bases while yelling Allahu Akbar and plant explosives in their underwear. Which is why this boy, traveling with his 16-year old sister from White Plains to Kentucky was suspect as a terrorist, right?

These American knee-jerk reactions (emphasis on "jerk") to perceived threats indicates that there is very little logic or reason behind these 'security measures,' but wait--here is an interview on Israeli's Latma TV (think Saturday Night Live) with an American responsible for flight security in the United States which explains everything (hat tip Atlas Shrugs). . .


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